Docking with wrecks


I understand the docking feature war removed, even though it made treasure hunting a blast!

Monitoring the status of the wreck is enthralling, and it could open up possibilities for a mission to get the wreck partially online for whatever reasons, a rescue mission for example.

As an added bonus: if the status monitor showed the current mission, cargo or whatever agenda, it would make discovering the wreck that more flavorfull - imagine docking to a wreck only to notice it's mission was to transport mudraptor eggs!

Re: Docking with wrecks

Would you be interested in a mod that allowed you to dock with any derelict that has a "wrecked docking port"?

There are wrecks that have a regular docking port, and it is possible to dock with those, I don't know if you noticed that. The green docking port bar doesn't appear, but when the ports are aligned, you can dock.

Re: Docking with wrecks

I'm a bit reserved against mods, as I also want to design ships clearly for the vanilla game.

With New frontiers it's possible to dock with some of the wrecks, and some (maybe thalamuses?) show the docking cone but still don't allow docking.
I wasn't aware that you can dock if the green bar doesn't appear! How do you do it, drive past and just smash the docking button?