Stations and market (idea)

Hi i have discovered the game about 2 weeks ago and i already love it! I love the physics, the setting, the lore, the combat. the mystery and basically everything!

Thus why i wish to give my feedback and my ideas (bad or not). Firstly, i though alot about the stations we stop each and every mission at. I though hey, it would be cool to actually dock to stations and go inside them. I mean, in my mind that'd be very fun but i don't know if it's possible to do with the resources and all. Anyway, my idea was you would actually dock to the sation as you would dock with a shuttle to a sub. You would then be able to explore a tiny part of this station where you would be able to rest, relax and most importantly shop! Yes i know you can do that in the campain already but it would be cool to see an element like this in the sandbox mod for multiplayer. I also though the stations could act as respawn points for dead crewmembers or for new joiners. Coming back to the shoping idea, the possibility for indicidual crew members to buy and sell stuff would mean there would be an individual currency much like in ss13. So the captain could use the time docked with the station to buy fuel rods, torpidoes and get new missions. Meanwhile, the crew would be able to buy certain items depending on their skill and job. It could also mean traitors could report to their boss and get some extra credits. All that would create a feeling of contuinity and progression.

Anyway, i think this would ad alot to the game itself and to the sandbox mode. Like i said, i really don't know if it's even possible but it's just an idea. Thanks alot and keep up the good work!!

Re: Stations and market (idea)

Oh yeah surely the campaign map has to stay! i don't know, maybe the map itself could be accessable to only the captain or maybe it could be accessable by some kind of device? Like maybe a PDA just like in SS13. I really loved the limited time part though so you wouldn't stay stuck docked to the station for three days. Maybe in sandbox mode there wouldn't be any limited time but the amount of time docked to the station would be decided by the captain. That would also mean that crew members could potentially get stuck on a station!

I'd REAAALLY love to see that in this game! Who knows? Maybe they'll put that in the game at some point?