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A bit of backstory:

I've always been a big fan of making game concepts and little ideas that I think would be good. I was playing Barotrauma a few days ago and I thought of this concept.

Imagine a game in the same style as Barotrauma (2D, similar character design, and same physics engine) but like a war setting like WW1. Imagine running through the trenches, even raiding enemy ones, in a Barotrauma style while you dodge explosions and bullets. Imagine passing by a Belgian village while stealing and/or buying food and ammo to keep your squadron supplied to prepare for different seasons and different environments. For example. If it was winter, you would need more food and warmer clothing but if it was summer then more water would be needed. An honour system could work in a certain way that if you stole, and killed civilians then they would support your enemy. Another system could be sort of a recruitment, or a resistance that you could fund and donate weapons too. A morale system could work also. So if you couldn’t get supplies or your squadron didn’t have weapons or there’s broke or became worn then the morale would decrease and there were less commands you could give them or eventually you could get sent to a prison or a mutiny could start. A WW2 setting could work, imagine a landing craft rocking up on a beach and depending on the equipment it would depend how fast you make a beachfront or if you had too much equipment it would be like the opening in saving private Ryan and some of your troop would drown or run out of stamina and would be ineffective. I think that if it was WW2 based, then a more vehicular approach could work with paratroopers or bombing runs. If your character died you could play as another person in your group. There could also be an ability to dig through dirt, (I know it doesn't sound too revolutionary) Imagine this scenario: You are pinned down by an enemy, suddenly one of your teammates decides to sacrifice himself, he digs underground and lies prone under the enemy trench (Knowing distance would be important) and detonate a mine under the enemy. Like Barotrauma there could be different classes/types of character, for example. Medic, sniper, heavy/support, assault, spy.

Medic: Starts with bandages and a rifle, pistol, a medic uniform, and a knife.

Sniper: Starts with a sniper rifle, binoculars, ghilie suit, and a pistol.

Support: LMG, pistol, mines or grenades, heavy armour.

Assault: Assault rifle or shotgun, pistol, grenades, standard armour. Shovel

Spy: Binoculars, knife, Welrod silenced pistol, and a notebook that you could write in or information would appear in once you find information.

I have no idea how active this forum is, however, if anyone wants to suggest ideas i feel this could be a fun game.

Re: Game concept

WW2Trauma mod, anyone? :)

Anyway, I don't think this is the right subforum for this topic - "general off topic" would be more suitable if it's about a baro-inspired game concept, or "modding" if it's about a hypothetical baro mod. I'll go with the latter for now.