CBTadditions series of mods - January 14th update - "We're one step closer to a pyro class" - Luigi

▼ Read This ▼
The tides have changed with the January 14th update. CBTadditions is now going to become Semi Open Source. We're going to make CBTadditions a sort of mod platform for smaller modders to get their content into the modding world without being drowned out by other mods. I know it sounds like im just trying to steal content but if you're interested in becoming part of the CBTadditions mod team join the discord server and have a chat with us. Make sure you read all the information on the discord about getting your content into the mod and becoming part of the mod team.This text is getting impossibly small.

▼▼ Our Discord Server ▼▼

Join this discord server if you're interested in being up to date about the developement of CBTadditions and/or joining the mod team. If you're just there to just ask for help on how to mod baro I'd suggest not joining if you want to leave alive. If you're interested in joining the mod team and have ZERO idea on how to edit XML files we might be able to work something out however. Really though joining the mod team is just a way for you to get your content out into the modding world and get full credit for it.

▼▼▼ This Is Important ▼▼▼
You'll need to make a folder in your mods folder called CBTadditions in which to place all of these files, if you don't you'll get a bunch of errors and nothing will run. You'll need to take the files included in the zip file for each mod and move them into your CBTadditions folder exactly how they are in the zip file. You can delete the text files (I'd advise reading them though). When installing updated content, remove the pre-existing files for that mod and replace them with what comes in the updated zip file. Any updates will be specified next to the download link provided for each mod.

Lastest Master ContentPackage XML Version 0.2 (Runs all of the mods at once): Updated on Jan 14th
https://mega.nz/#!A0ESCAiT!UJc3XuwmqlTA ... C770kQWddo
^ Put this in your ContentPackages folder ^

Current mods:
Flamethrower Mod Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!whEUWYBb!LMJ55rIGV5Sh ... SeCR31O9bE Updated on Jan 14th
This mod adds a new Flamethrower weapon into the game.
The operation of the Flamethrower requires a Welding Fuel tank and an Oxygen tank. (It's a repairtool weapon for those of you who are interested in that)

Random stuff Mod Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!BgFmza4T!mEG7Ia7aisNZ ... BgOHqvuGcU Updated on Jan 14th
This mod adds a bunch of, you guessed it, random stuff.
From T-flip flops to flare guns this is just an excuse to get out content we'll use in future mods. Bigger things are going to be built off of this so, don't get mad that it's somehow smaller than your manhood

Music Mod Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!EodA3C5T!2h3Yu_d8szk1 ... CDub5xNwiE Updated on Jan 14th
This mod adds new royalty free music and replaces a few songs.
This mod intends to add new music into the game, however due to a lack of time we couldn't find any good songs besides the two included in here. In the future all the ingame music will change (It's all royalty free btw so if you're making a youtube video you'll be okay) Also I have no links to preview the songs so I'll figure that out later
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