Re: Barotrauma Extended v4.4

Hey mate, another thing to report; You should update some fields in the mod description, like:
Crewmember Clothing and Gear:

-Crew members are in Underwear now so they spawn with headgear, sweaters and trousers, which can be taken off and switched at any time. Clothing offers some protection and sometimes come with extra inventory slots but at the cost of a slight movement speed. Class related clothing is also effected by these changes.
-Also, some of the clothing can be customized with Tool Kit recipes. This is only for vanity/roleplaying purposes since they retain the same stats.

We no longer use the tool kit for that, also... I've got a question... How do you kill a Teleglitch?

Then again thanks for this awesome mod mate, I love it.

Re: Barotrauma Extended v4.4

Woops, I'll edit the main page so it has the correct info.

Also, about Teleglitches:
As you know, they are disembodied entities so they cannot be killed by normal means.
The easiest way to kill them is with an explosion. Even a Flash Charge can kill them.
Fire will also instantly kill them though that method is quite dangerous.
Scorpions can kill them since they release electric shock blasts when they attack. They will actually attack a Teleglitch if they are close enough.
And finally, there's a makeshift weaponized Handheld Sonar called Sonar Blaster. It uses batteries and will discharge a sound explosion when fired. The blast is almost harmless to anything but a Teleglitch, which will be instantly killed with a single blast most of the time. The recipe is found in the Tool Kit.

Re: Barotrauma Extended v4.4b

I just uploaded a fixed version of the mod. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Added a new "Submarine" for the mod, Class A Outpost. It's a small station with a number of facilities, defense railguns and two docked shuttles.
-Edited the repair and damage rate of welding tools, saw and plasma cutters.
-Edited a sprite issue causing railgun shells to show part of a fusion railgun shell in its sprite.
-Fixed a bug causing Prisoners to spawn without their jumpsuits.

The outpost is far from finished but it's playable enough for release. It lacks a lot of stuff, including most automatic safety measures. It has a ballast tanks so it can maintain buoyancy. It also has an Engine but it's not wired to the main grid. It's powered by the generator in the lower decks. I will keep working on in whenever I get free time.