Re: Barotrauma Extended v3.9

Alright, lads. The new compatibility update is ready. I still managed to shove some new features in it so it has little more content other than just being a compatibility patch. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-The mod is now compatible with the latest v0.7.0.1 version of the game.
-Added a new Alarm Buzzer, SPACE magic fly. It works exactly like a normal alarm buzzer, except that it plays the song by the same name.
-Added a new Alarm Buzzer, CHARLIE spacer woman. It works exactly like a normal alarm buzzer, except that it plays the song by the same name.
-Added a new Alarm Buzzer, LASER laser. It works exactly like a normal alarm buzzer, except that it plays the song by the same name.
-Rebalanced the protection offered by all pieces of clothing and armor using the new xml code from the newest version.
-Utility Vests, Welding Helmets and Diving Masks will also offer a slight protection bonus against burn damage.
-Diving knives, screwdrivers and metallic saws now deal slash damage.
-Most Weapons, explosives and drugs that do stun damage now deal even more stun damage.
-Creatures generally do slightly less bleeding damage.
-Renamed The Taken to Teleglitch and edited most of them. They no longer destroy walls, are a lot smaller, are almost invisible, deal burn damage but will not attack characters. They can still kill characters by collateral damage from glitching in and out of subs. They also prefer toying with corpses almost as much as glitching. They are also not an Abyss exclusive creature anymore.
-Added a Mission variant of the Teleglitch. This one is the old person sized humanoid anomaly that will damage walls and attack humans so it's a lot more dangerous.
-Scorpions now do burn damage and they do less structural damage. They take considerably longer to destroy doors and hatches. They can also kill a teleglitch due to their electric attacks.
-Adult and young variants of aggressive creatures will no longer attack stronger creatures so they don't end up killing mission creatures. Scorpions are the only exception.

The Nibbler Mark II
-Added 3 basic switches at the lower part of the Navigation Terminal. Each one activates a different song. Make sure to turn off the current one before choosing a new song.

Vellamo Mark II's Changes:
-Added access buttons for the previously inaccessible door in the Ballast Tank.

Aegir Mark IV
-Replaced the old vanilla Nibbler docked with the submarine with the Mark II one.
-Installed a Life Support Room in Engineering. Contains Backup Batteries, Oxygen Generator and Oxygen Module.
-Removed the window in Engineering, the one by the Engines.
-Made some minor aesthetical edits in Engineering.

One thing I should mention is the new "song" buzzers. Leaving the audible area and then coming back will restart the song. Also, there seems to be a length limit for ogg sound files so I will try to figure out how long a sound can be played until it resets and shorten all 3 songs in the next update.

Re: Barotrauma Extended v3.9

Almost ready with the next update, lads.

I've been told the Teleglitch might be creating desync issues so I'm thinking about having them as a separate addon for this mod. I did some testing but everything seems to be ok. I think the issue has more to do with the number of creatures that are active at the same time. Maybe reducing the number and the spawn chance for some of them might fix these issues.

One thing that will come in the next update will be the ability to customize some of the clothing items via Tool Kit crafting. Stuff I have in mind is turn the crewmember cap backwards, turning trousers into variants without them tucked inside the boots and turning sweaters and similar into variants with the sleeves rolled up.

Also, say hello to the upcoming new husk variant:
-They'll probably have less health and be damaged by short falls, being run over by a submarine and even closing doors.
-They will be more vicious so they'll have increasing speed, damage and infection rate.
-I think it should be possible for them to spawn with different heads so I'll probably add some more for more variation.

In addition to the new Husk variant, The old Husk in a Suit will have different stats. They will be slower but all of its body parts but the head will have armor values slightly weaker than the ones offered by a non-damaged Diving Suit.

Edit: Hehe... the weak husks are working as intended. The only problem is I couldn't add more head choices for them. It seems that feature is attached to genders too.
It's kinda funny you can wear items when controlling them. Some of them could pass as uninfected humans when disguised properly. It would be cool if player names wouldn't be displayed over their characters. Wearing a Diving Mask to hide your identity would be cool.

Re: Barotrauma Extended v4.0

Alright, lads. The update is done. I did some testing and everything seems to be ok, I hope. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Added a new Husk variant. It's a weak-looking husk in underwear. It's a lot faster and vicious but fragile enough to get damage from falling, closing doors and even when run over by a fast enough submarine.
-Edited the Husk in Diving Suit to have armor values almost as strong as the values offered by a non damaged Diving Suit. The helmet doesn't offer protection at all since it's broken and the head is exposed. They are also slightly slower.
-The big elder mantis can now enter submarines. It barely fits but it can actually navigate around corridors and go up staircases. It might get stuck in small rooms or trying to go down a staircase.
-Edited the structural damage output for the elder mantis. Its attack now has an area of effect so it makes bigger holes when it attacks hulls.
-Added a customization option for the Crewmember Cap. It's a Tool Kit recipe that turn it into a backwards variant of the cap.
-Added customization options for all Trousers. They are Tool Kit recipes that turn them into variants without them tucked inside the boots.
-Added customization options for Sweaters, Jumpers and Doctor's Coat. They are Tool Kit recipes that turn them in into variants with the sleeves rolled up.
-Edited the look of Diving Masks so they fit all crewmember heads.
-Edited the starting gear of all crewmember classes. Some of them use the new customized clothing, which can be changed with a Tool Kit at any time.
-Changed the sounds produced by the Diesel-Electric Generator. (Big thanks to Weeng for providing the new sounds!)
-Edited the recipe to make a Shockwave Charge.
-ID Cards will now yield a Polycarbonate Bar instead of getting destroyed when recycling them in the Deconstructor.
-Added a new makeshift weapon, Sonar Blaster. It's a heavily modified Handheld Sonar designed to produce an intensely loud sonar ping. It's almost harmless to anything but a Teleglitch.
-Reduced the spawn rate of some creatures, especially the Teleglitch. Spawn rates were too high, creating clusters of monsters and with it, lag and sync issues.
-Reduced the structural damage done by Scorpions a bit more since they were even destroying heavy walls too quickly.
-Fixed a sound error caused by old xml code in the Railgun Fusion Shell. (Thanks Rosita for reporting that one!)
-Fixed an impossible cargo delivery mission that expected an amount of cargo higher than the actual cargo.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Edited some of the clothing inside Steel Cabinets in the Crew Cabins.

Vellamo Mark II's Changes:
-Edited some of the clothing inside Steel Cabinets in the Crew Cabins.
-Removed the restricted access from the door leading to the Workshop. Anyone with an ID can access it now.
-Fixed a wrong turret rotation allowing the last Railgun to be able to hit the submarine.
-Added some more labels around the submarine.

Aegir Mark IV
-Added a Tool Kit in Engineering, near the Workshop.
-Added 3 Fire Extinguisher Brackets in different corridors around the submarine and fitted them with the Fire Extinguishers that were previously stored in Steel Cabinets.
-Upgraded the Railgun. It's now a battery of 3 Railguns wired with a single Controller. Squeezing the trigger will fire all 3 of them with a delay of half a second per shot.
-Replaced the Railgun Shells in Weapons with Railgun Steel Spears and added an increased number of them.
-The Engines have their own room now. This reduces the chances for the Reactor room to get flooded.
-Installed a basic automatic Bilge and drainage system in the lower decks. There are also duct blocks in some of the upper decks to allow water to reach the Bilge.
-Removed some unnecessary emergency lights and increased the emergency lighting strength in vital rooms.
-Engineers and Mechanics share the same Private Quarters.
-Added spawn points for Seamen and Cooks in one of the Private Quarters.
-Added a spawn point for Prisoners in the Prison Cell under the Cabins.
-Moved the spawn point for the Assistant to the Officer's Quarters since they are the second in command.
-Edited all card and door IDs. The private quarters in Cabins will still allow access only to those who spawn in them.
-Edited most labels and made some minor aesthetical edits around the submarine.

Re: Barotrauma Extended v4.0

There used to be a public one but I think it got abandoned because of inactivity. I know there are private ones but I don't know if they are looking for more players. They usually lurk this thread for updates so maybe one of them will have a better answer, I hope.

In other news, I think I should make an alternate handheld crafting station for clothing customization... Maybe a Sewing Kit or something. Having them as Tool Kit recipes is kinda weird. Also, Ushanka Hats.

Edit: I just noticed the latest update rendered Gas Cans useless. Hot Cans still work but partially. I was working on a new Revolver ammo, Flare Rounds and I noticed this. Flare Rounds would do little damage unless they get stuck in the target, burning the target's health until they remove the round or it runs out of fuel. I'll still include them for the next update but they won't work until the vanilla game gets fixed.

Re: Barotrauma Extended v4.1

Update for today, lads. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Added a new firearm, Diving Revolver. Captains spawn with this underwater handgun. It works exactly like the Revolver but this one is not rendered useless when in contact with water.
-Added a new craftable ammo, Revolver Flare Round. It's pretty much a flare that can be thrown further. It deals burn damage and will continue to cause damage if it gets stuck in the target or if someone is close enough to it. (Currently bugged in v0.7.0.1)
-Revolvers can only be obtained from some cargo delivery mission or in hidden places in some subs. There's also a Tool Kit recipe to upgrade them into Diving Revolvers.
-Gauss Pistols are now one-handed weapons so they can now be used akimbo with another gauss pistol or be used with another one-handed item.
-Edited the way handguns are held. they are carried like the vanilla Revolver now.
-Added a new clothing item, Crewmember Ushanka. It's that Russian fur cap with ear flaps. It can be customized with the Tool Kit to use it with the flaps loose or bent upwards.
-Edited the sounds made by the Teleglitch to include static in their speech and a different electric noise when glitching around.
-Changed the impact and break sounds made by bottles.
-Changed the impact sounds made by food cans and grenades.
-Duct blocks are slightly bigger so they fit better and they now have a proper sprite when broken.
-All doors, hatches and duct blocks now produce a small harmless explosion and sound when they break.
-Submarine Engines are no longer damaged by water. They are damaged by fire instead.
-Shuttle Engines are no longer indestructible. They are damaged by fire now.
-Reduced the temperature drop to Nuclear Reactors by flooding water. Using 5 Uranium Rods or 2 Thermite Rods or a combination of both types will counter the drop in temperature.
-Added 2 new crewmember heads and edited the rest so they better fit their bodies.
-Fixed some sprite issues from the Captain's and Doctor's Coats.

All Submarines:
-Added wall pieces in the drainage systems to avoid crew getting stuck when falling or dropping into them through opened Duct Blocks.
-Realigned doors, hatches, lights and other submarine structures and objects.
-Resized door/hatch/duct Gaps for a more optimized water flow.

Nehalennia Mark I's Changes:
-Replaced Plasma Cutters and their Gas Tanks with Saw Cutters, Batteries and Steel Saws.
-Replaced all Thermite Tanks with the more dangerous Sulphurite Tanks.
-Added a First Aid Cabinet in the Cabins and moved medical items from the Cabins and Medical in it.
-Added Some more clothing in one of the Steel Cabinets in the Cabins.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Added a First Aid Cabinet in the Cabins and moved medical items from the Cabins and Medical in it.
-Added Some more clothing in one of the Steel Cabinets in the Cabins.

Vellamo Mark II's Changes:
-Added Some more clothing in one of the Steel Cabinets in the Cabins.

Aegir Mark IV's Changes:
-Installed a Duct Control System in Command so it's now possible to remotely open and close most of the Duct Blocks in the Drainage System.
-Moved 2 Junction Boxes into the Electrical Maintenance Hatch and wired them with Life Support, Engines and Pumps as a wiring redundancy safety feature.
-Added alternate controls for the Auxiliary Battery Power in the Electrical Maintenance Hatch.
-Optimized the power distribution so the submarine. It takes less time for the Reactor to power all systems.
-Turned the empty corridor under Command into the new Officer's Quarters and moved all their furniture and items inside.
-Turned the old Officer's Quarters into the Medical Doctors' Quarters, installed furniture and added items for them.
-Edited all the items found in most of the containers around the submarine.
-Switched spawn points. Now the Engineers share their quarters with Cooks and Mechanics share theirs with Seamen.

Re: Barotrauma Extended v4.1

I should probably mention some of the stuff I'm working on for the next update. I could use some feedback with these.

Since clothing customization is just for vanity/roleplaying purposes, I will remove their recipes from the Tool Kit and make a different "crafting station" for them. I'm calling it Sewing Kit for now and I will put one in the cabins and private quarters of each of the mod submarines. Unlike the Tool Kit, Sewing Kits will be small and wall mounted kits that cannot be moved around.

Here's a pic to better illustrate them:
Also, I will add "survivor" variants of most clothing, like the ones the character is wearing in the pic.

I'm also thinking about removing the Tool Kit's ability to be carried around, unless I find a way to prevent players from accidentally putting it inside itself, crashing the game.

Re: Barotrauma Extended v4.1

I think this mod is great for adding aesthetic stuff and just bringing out more colors in the game as well as adding more vibes and all round situations. So I say add as many clothing and aesthetic stuff as you see fit and just keep building on top. this is definitely becoming a overhaul for the main game and I don't even look for vanilla servers anymore this is just too addicting. Great work man.