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Billy wrote:I think this mod is great for adding aesthetic stuff and just bringing out more colors in the game as well as adding more vibes and all round situations. So I say add as many clothing and aesthetic stuff as you see fit and just keep building on top. this is definitely becoming a overhaul for the main game and I don't even look for vanilla servers anymore this is just too addicting. Great work man.
Thanks for the feedback! Having a different crafting station for clothing variants is working nicely so the next update will probably be ready this weekend.

R51705 wrote:wut i don't get it something messing with my barotrauma i can't play vanilla server :MTF:
You have to run the launcher and select the "vanilla 0.7" content package in order to play on vanilla servers.

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Hey mate, the mod is awesome! Thanks for your time and effort in such an awesome game!
Also, I have something to report about some little things...
- Some items inside the Cabinets/Lockers are not updated to accept (In the case of the water scooter); Fulgurium Battery Cells
An in the case for the Plasma Cutter; It can accept other types of "Tanks" but can't use them as fuel.

On another note; The Headset that you spawn in with doesn't work with Fulgurium Battery Cells, They can be put in, but when you try to Radio someone, the message isn't sent to anybody (Fixed this spawning some Headsets in the editor (In some Cabinets) and changing the "Contained Required" parameter to only Fulgurium Battery Cells (But they can't accept normal ones now)).

Then again, this mod is nice and smooth! Thanks.

PS: Also, some items that were in the lockers don't have the updated tags in them.
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Woah, thanks for reporting those issues. I'm guessing most of them are from the retrofitted Aegir, since I totally forgot about replacing the items in that sub.

The Headset bug is something different though. I made it so Fulgurium Battery Cells don't degrade at the same speed as normal ones but it seems that the issue is something hardcoded with the "loadable" tag. I will revert them to the vanilla functionality... that should prevent this from happening.

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Actually, it's from the Vellamo Mark II, and it's a pleasure to help!

Will keep in touch to report anything else, thanks again for this awesome mod!

PS: Also the only relevant problem with the other report is the Headset one, all the rest is fixable within the Editor of the game by replacing the existing ones with new ones.

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Oh, ok. It seems I'll have to do some search and replace work.

Also, I just looked at the Headset bug. The issue is not hardcoded... and if what I'm seeing is right, it's a vanilla bug. I have no way to test this since my current internet connection prevents me from playing online but vanilla headsets shouldn't be able to work on Fulgurium Battery Cells either.

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It's update tiem, lads! Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Changed the Mod's content package and folder name from Chiko to BTE. Deleting the old content pack and submarines folder is recommended.
-Added a new Submarine Weapon, Shuttle Railgun. It fires Harpoon spears. It has half the size and requires half the power but their damage and reach are comparable to a Harpoon Gun.
-Added a new Submarine Loader, Shuttle Railgun Loader. It can hold up to 9 Harpoon Gun Spears, including Hollowhead Spears.
-Added a new crafting station, Sewing Kit. It's a wall mounted kit used for clothing customization. The Tool Kit is no longer used for this purpose now.
-Added "survivor" variants of some of the clothing items. They offer no stat change from their original variants, it's only for looks/roleplaying purposes. (Most of them made by user Zurreal117)
-Cabinets and Lockers will make a sound when interacted with, letting anyone nearby know they have been opened/closed.
-The Bike Horn is now considered a small item so it can fit inside pockets, plastic bags and the like.
-Fixed a bug allowing Tool Kits to be able to be put inside their crafting slots, crashing the game.
-Fixed a vanilla bug in the Headset xml strings, causing them to be unable to work with Fulgurium Battery Cells.
-Fixed forgotten HUD code in the Diesel-Electric Generator causing it to have a solid HUD instead of a transparent one.

All Submarines:
-Added Sewing Kits to all Cabins, Private Quarters and Medical rooms.
-Realigned staircases and other submarine structures and objects.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Increased the space between the doors and the blast doors in the access to Engineering and Weapons.

Vellamo Mark II's Changes:
-Installed a collision bumper at the front of the vessel.
-Moved the Depth Charges Tube. It's now in the middle, under the Ballast.
-Fixed some items missing tags, preventing them to use their respective fuel/power sources.

Aegir Mark IV's Changes:
-Installed an Engine Control in Command. It allows the crew to turn the main Engine and/or the secondary ones on and off at will.
-Installed a Ballast Control in Command. It allows the crew to turn the Ballast on and off and also to open and close their doors to aid the Bilge against heavy flooding.
-Added an outside light for the Railgun Battery.
-The lights for the Railgun Battery, Command, Life Support, Medical and one of the staircase ones will take longer to turn off when the power is failing.
-Moved the extra Sonar and Status monitors from the upper decks to Engineering, next to the Nuclear Reactor.
-Edited some of the items in Engineering and moved one of the fire extinguishers in there.
-Added a fire extinguisher in the Cabins so if something catches fire in there, the crew doesn't have to run across multiple decks to get one.
-The upper deck just above the Cabins is now the Canteen. As with all Canteens, it comes with furniture, an electric oven and stocked food cabinets.
-Simplified the Airlock and the Docking Port. They are now partially automatic and are made of less components than before.
-Replaced The Nibbler with The Stinger. The new Shuttle can be used to defend the Vessel since the Aegir's Railgun Battery has limited rotation.
-Added lighting to the Ballast so now it's not completely dark in them unless there's no power.
-Interconnected the Bilge and Ballast systems into one and separated them into 4 tanks so if one of the tanks is breached, the Vessel won't sink like a rock now.
-Installed a number of flooding countermeasures so the submarine is not rendered completely unusable when breached. The Ballast is completely shielded while the rest is only partially shielded.
-Fixed some items missing tags, preventing them to use their respective power sources.

The Stinger's Changes:
-Replaced the Stinger's Railgun with a Shuttle Railgun, so it's weaker now. It's also located above the vessel instead of in front of it.
-Replaced the Railgun Steel Spears with their Harpoon sized counterparts and added more lying around.
-Replaced the contents in the Locker. It's now stocked with Hollowhead Spears containing Blast Charge payloads.
-Increased the size of the front bumpers for increased damage shielding.
-Added 3 switches under the the Navegation Terminal with "music" choices.
-Made some other aesthetical edits around the vessel.

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Hey! I first want to say thank you for this great mod! And 2nd I wanna suggest something!
To add a CE role (Chief Engineer)
The CE can be someone that can repair both Jboxes and are good with repairing Hull. He/She is also there to help command all the Mech(s) and Engi(s) so that they know where there is a hull breach.
But this is just me thinking of some stuff that can be done :laugh: you don't have to put in a CE it's just that the RP potential will go up a bit.

Anyway! Good mod! All the players love it :)
Are you supposed to put stuff here?

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I've actually been asked for this but after some discussing about it, it was decided to not implement classes like this since having a single character like this would defeat the purpose of teamwork and would make them way too dangerous/useful because of their ability to deal with pretty much anything related to submarines and crafting.

In other news, I'm starting a new mod, an almost total conversion to something more Steampunk/Dieselpunk. It's still too early for a release yet but here's a pic of some of the current work:
Stuff so far in the mod:
-Different underwear. Longjohns type of underwear.
-Flat Caps for non-specific jobs.
-Captain's Trench Coat, which uses both the legs and torso slot.
-Alternates to Flashlight, Lanterns. They illuminate around itself instead of in front of it.
-A still unnamed replacement for the Nuclear Reactor.