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Actually Utmanarn that is very doable, I am not sure why though as your locked (Default code yeah I know, you knew it was coming :laugh: ) loads just 2 submarines, then any number of shuttles though they are "linked" to the main submarine, it is possible to get the way points of any given sub (though there is no simple way I could discern to find shuttles by default nothing stops this being coded in after all and kept track of, even same for the status effects its just quite a bit of work)

My only confusing point on this being exactly whats wanted and how one would by command / XML go with that, at the moment I have been doing other things, though i'm quite happy to take suggestions. - Actually I will keep this in mind for another component of my mod I wish to create that is to better control rounds, It should fit in nicely with that.

Crystalwarrior - I would like my modification to have a GitHub for source purposes, and fork off the original code if I actually wrapped my head around that yet - hilariously I have not. I pull from it and work completely separately from GitHub and other such, manually adding in commits and changes from official code (Which I know, is more work for me really instead of simply merging and editing the differences in files together).

My codes a shameful ugly mess against convention, i am not strictly against allowing others to see the code, I may send the code if asked or something though it would take me an eternity on my internet. for reference or direct editing despite how ugly its state is.

Perhaps some day I will work out a method to merge my own code into a GitHub fork and properly pull from the original repository I forked from in a sane manner - which point it would be available, I have just been far, far too busy lately both to code and host.

it doesn't help the code on my computer is effectively broken as I am coding new systems that need to be disabled/ripped out to run as intended, which don't have options yet to do just that.
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there won't be any ETA as its going to be a ton of work for me to update this to 7.0.0, though I will get around to working on it (Its not abandoned, just been a little busy i'm afraid :wink: )

when my modification updates, it doesn't matter how old your configs are or how different, as long as you don't overwrite any files that come with the download that you've made edits to that you wish to keep (Of course I would check for changes). This is more towards those that the mod cannot create itself at the moment - such as the NilModHelpData.xml (But not NilModSettings.xml).

TLDR: When I get around to updating no special steps are ever required for your main settings - new values are added and old are stripped as it loads, rewrites and updates the configs retroactively.
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After much work, :REDACTED:, Dark rituals, blood sweat tears and 2 coffees in a 20+ hour coding binge, the server modification has been updated.

Of course, this is not very well tested (Beyond having the harpoon no longer instantly-gib your own face off if your skill is too low).

I expect new bugs, I expect reports of both 7.0.1 and my own bugs!

This version includes the new Anti desync prevention methods which are enabled by default (You may tweak them in the configs too, don't go crazy though it uses bandwidth up).

These methods send out occasional item position updates, Character status updates and Hull updates.

this in turn prevents Diving suits being in the wrong place (Equip -> teleports away), none existent oxygen tanks, items you cant pickup that keep "Teleporting away", being knocked out when your not (Be it bad configurations of the modification or a syncing glitch has occurred) and hulls being full of water / having a slither of water when they don't contain water or fires being the wrong size for some reason (Server running slow?).

As a note due to the Armour changes you will want to delete the Armour settings from any old NilModSettings.xml - Or just tweak the Bleed/Damage flat reductions from 1 to 0 and the bleed/damage absorption from 0 to 1 (This will return vanilla Barotrauma Armour behaviors)

Have fun testing! I think I can pass out now until you all flood me with "Its horribly broken" and feature requests like integrating the new campaign features into the modification :wink:
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