Re: [] Barotrauma Client/Server Modification (v 23/07/2018-1)

Nilmod has been updated to version

-Fixed assignjobs (For sure this time)
-Fixed player host respawn issues if their character no longer existed
-New permissions "AllowInGamePM" and "AdminPrivateMessage" to control ingame messaging
-Broadcasting fixed, those with broadcast perms can see the sender.
-admins PMing each other can see the sender.
-Those not allowed to use channels now recieve a message
-Introduced changes to attempt to transfer clients connections between server scheduled restarts, clients will no longer be disconnected from them.

Nilmod has been updated to version
-Fixed ingame private messages and admin private messages (May still be one or two quirks)

Nilmod has been updated to version
-Fixed dedicated servers not selecting default submarine
-Fixed none-vanilla CPR behaviours by introducing separate variables and introducing fixed default values
-Fixed husk infected player healing logic
-Logged death messages now include if it was the client using "give in".
-Griefwatcher can now report incapacitation via repairtool (Welder/cutter) damage.
-Character deaths now output log information that may be relevant to how they died (health/bleed/oxygen/husk etc from various sources that were not healed away) - this is still incomplete.
-the weight for picking more useful jobs for multiplayer clients who have had their preferences taken by others now includes BTE skills to further avoid assistants/prisoners.
-Doors now log if they are internal or external, and also state submarine name or if respawn shuttle.
-griefwatcher can now state when airlock doors have been left open, and can use a reduced timer for respawn airlock doors
-Pumps now use a timer for their messages and send fewer messages overall.
-Reactor's blameonbroken for griefwatcher properly takes the team into account.
-server restart timer increased to 20 seconds
-New variable WaitForResponseTimer which is used to determine how long the game waits for clients who have yet to start/finish their submarine downloads
-Griefwatcher now both saves and loads its own XML
-Revive now also strips negative status effects much like heal does.
-It is now possible to change the passive bleed recovery multiplier for both concious and unconcious states

-Fixed a crash when killing players with a repair tool

Fixed statuseffect crash when a character has been removed.

Nilmod updated to
-Removed some unused code and classes
-Removed nilmod rejoin code
-Removed old variables that are not currently used (IE. CPR)
-Improved save/load of EventChatterSettings.xml - Recheck the file for new variables!
-Added client permission to bypass skills (note: all clients can see their skill is 100 for all)
-Likely fixed crash autorestart code failing
-Only one character can Drive a submarine at a time, multiple can view.
-Improved CharacterDamageLog to keep restored values of previous injuries
-On sub vs sub, if the enemy team is eliminated the game now ends 3 seconds later (Or if both teams die)
-Added logging support for welding doors shut and cutting them open.
-Griefwatcher settings now properly handle messages relating to incapacitations, airlock opening and such
-Nuclear shells no longer show as explosion for the character damage record
-Karma no longer shows for spawn messages if its max
-Characters now attempt to auto-equip diving suits and scooters on spawn if the room contains more than 75% water
-Fixes to play yourself host respawning via respawn shuttle
-Added new settings "LogDamageRecordAI" and "LogDamageRecordFull"
-Fixed crash when using submarine editor before starting a server/singleplayer game.
-Improved server auto restart client syncing (They should be able to chat now)
-Fixed bleeding damage/recovery being applied twice

-Fixed crash autorestart not working
-Additionally added prevention for looping crash restarts to at least wait for the game to be loaded.
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Re: [] Barotrauma Client/Server Modification (v 15/08/2018-1)

Various fixes and improvements from the next version of baro
- fixes to prevent desync disconnection from crafting items (Server side).
- some patchwork as the above fix cant fully be used, but it works as intended/expected.
- Next versions colour fixes for wearable clothing
- Another fix for sub editor wiring crashes, should be more stable
- Characters cannot CPR nor select bodies while handcuffed.
- Characters grow their limbs back on revives
- Melee weapons hit multiple targets, a fix for hitting walls.
- submarines now save/load recharge speeds correctly (May require saving the submarine using mod/next baro version with speeds set again).
- Removed old fire/electrical overload variables from mod, mod now uses multipliers. Next version XML attributes "CanBeOverloaded", "OverloadVoltage" and "FireProbability" have been added earlier, server-side XML editing can change these (IE. for docking ports).
- Fix for wire.Use crash
- Added next versions name filtering "AllowedClientNamechars" to Serversettings.xml early - Use this to filter out other language strings using Unicode character numbers
- Fix for votekick spam on the same player
- Increased default minimum midroundsync timeout (5 seconds - 10 seconds)
- Respawn manager timers are now retroactive

- Fixed invalid name issue on joining servers
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Re: [] Barotrauma Client/Server Modification (v 15/08/2018-2)

Its taking time because my times limited, and my current code has a number of issues that need to be addressed. simply including next versions code without actually taking into account the changes (and writing extra code for it) will break things, such as the ability to chat correctly. If I get a working version I will release it, my current code needs some more tweaking at the moment.
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Re: [] Barotrauma Client/Server Modification (v 15/08/2018-2)

nilanthanimosus wrote:Its taking time because my times limited, and my current code has a number of issues that need to be addressed. simply including next versions code without actually taking into account the changes (and writing extra code for it) will break things, such as the ability to chat correctly. If I get a working version I will release it, my current code needs some more tweaking at the moment.
Alright, thanks for the explanation

Re: [] Barotrauma Client/Server Modification (v 17/03/2018-2)

Hi guys!

Just like last time (click spoiler)...
LandonGam3r wrote:Hey there Nilmod fans :D

You may have found out that Nilmod hasn't been made compatible yet with the latest game version:
A lot of consistent servers for Barotrauma use Nilmod because of it's major advantage in server administration and managing functionalities, and many more.

I noticed Nilanth was less often online recently and knew that if a new update with land, it would definitely cause some trouble. At first I was planning to do a rollback, but yesterday I came with the idea to give it a look myself. I took the latest available Nilmod version from Github and compared it with the latest game version. Luckily, today Nilanth responded in the UG Discord, there will eventually be a legitimate Nilanth version, but it will take some time.

This is a temporary solution. I do not make any improvements or edit the code, I respect Nilanth's work and my main goal is to have Nilmod operable, to be shared with the public! I will inform and am already informing Nilanth about what I am doing. Whenever his version arrives, this version can be considered 'out of order', which speaks for itself.

So what did I do? :P First of all, I took these versions:

I compared them file by file, any change in the period of 8 March till release of version had to be merged into the patch. Although it took me a while, I am sure I have done this properly. The current version is running at BT Public 24/7 #1 and #2 without problems, you may give it a test if you like. Nilmod functionalities are working aswell. Ofcourse it's always possible I made a tiny mistake, but I am willing to improve this version over the time it's needed.

You may contact me over Discord or in this forum topic.

As you may have seen, the Nilmod version I used to merge is not the latest available version that can be downloaded at this moment. It's however the latest version that I could find at Nilanth's Git. In order to do these things, source code is needed. This is why above was the only possible option. If you like to see what's missing, you may check this in Nilanth's latest post in this topic, starting from 09/03/2018.

Alright, it's all up to you if decide to use it, the latest version can be downloaded here:
Applying the mod works exactly the same as Nilanth's original patches. :wink:

Enjoy Nilmod's functionalities! (Temporary version - v0.8.1.2 ServerMod Patch 08032018)
...I decided to take a look at the latest available version of Nilmod and the current game version, comparing the changes and turning it into a working version.

Nilanth has informed us that due to less time and plans to improve Nilmod further, it might take a little longer for an original compatible version to be released. Our servers (BT Public #1 and #2) have been running for nearly a year with Nilmod, the features helps us on all kinds of aspects, from autorebooting to quicker log reading and ban insertion via the website. Without it, we would need to take steps back in server management.

Is it working?
Yes, BT Public #1 and BT Public #2 are running in combination with this version of Nilmod since 06-09-2018. No visible gamebreaking bugs/problems that could be tied with this version of Nilmod have been found so far. *

The only bug found was visible for administrators. Once a round it would not allow admins to read chat, nor console. Thanks with help of Nilanth, a piece of code has been replaced and since then no sign of this bug. :D
*Be aware, it is experimental. No matter how long it runs, things that I don't use or haven't checked may not work. Let me know if there is a problem.

Download: Deprecated version - check latest post in this topic
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