Превод ра русский (закрыто) (CLOSED)

Забудьте об этом обсуждении. Я уже всё перевёл, что мог. Всё работает хорошо. Удалось даже на сервере с 12 игроками протестить. Есть некоторые недочёты, но я их исправлю. viewtopic.php?f=20&t=7733&p=117815#p117815
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Re: Translation to Russian language.

Nevol wrote:(I use a translator, so how bad know English, sorry)
Recently, I started to collect Russian community together. Trying to help new players so they don't quit "Barotrauma". And you know, I get it.
The game for more than a year, I guess. But the game is not translated to this day. Why am I writing this? I need help. At least help with how to translate learning in the game.
For beginners, I help their experience and training, which they don't understand and can't pass (Not pass the training in the game... It's something :D ). I tell them what to do. There have been difficulties. The point is that some still play on the server I start in the evening, Moscow time.
I don't know where the text you want to translate only for training. Everything else I found myself.
I hope I find here help.
dm me in discord i can help u
check out my mod Barotrauma Erect