BTE4.4 Alternative - Version 1.4

This is a simple change made because some people I knew didn't agree with things. (apparently starting with the welding/cutting speeds) Barotrauma and Barotrauma Extended don't belong to me, credits go to ChikoEduardo, maker of BTE, etc, etc.

NOW OUTDATED just go play reg bte lol half the things i put in here don't work cause code limitations
Version 1.4 ... 77TVa?dl=0
Changes : Fixed/improved M4A1/GL/RPG and ammo, added anti-pressure drug called Barozine. Don't think I added a crafting thing.

Old versions
Version 1.3 ... SoD2a?dl=0
Changes : Added more weapons- M4A1/Grenade Launcher/Rocket Launcher and ammo and suicide bomb credits go to Kanade, I just drastically edited them. Also added a suicide vest- Upon being hit, you explode. Yeah.

Version 1.2 - Lets just pretend 1.1 never happened. ... chbSa?dl=0
Changes : Made food actually do things. Vodka will seriously mess you up. Added vitamins, which give you 3 health per minute for the entirety of a game, made with Iron powder and Corrig. Added Concentrated Corrigodone. 3 Corrig to make, has effectiveness of 2.33x one corrig.

Version 1.0 ... 0.rar?dl=0
Changes include :
-Captain/Assistant/Prisoner have better stats, captain's being minimum at fixes for wire boxs/engine, assistant is the same, prisoner is 1-100 in everything. Captain spawns with guitar (at request of shaggy)
-Diesel Generator and diesel can have some changes, diesel has lower construction for fixing, breaks less, high temp minimum for fires/meltdown, and cans give 1.5x original power/temp and decay is at 1/10th of original.
-Welding and Cutting does less/no player damage and is twice as fast.
To install : Get a fresh copy of Barotrauma, dump containing files in, merge all.
This isn't standalone. You need BTE4.4B in your copy to run this.

Next up : I will not be uploading anymore until 0.8- However, I will still be making new things. Ping me if you have an idea for something cool.
Things i'm making/made : Craftable armor/vests that automatically inject you with corrigodone upon taking damage.

Contact me at my discord server :
PS~ pls dont ban me