[BTE8.4 BTE+1.9PR] UCN Spearfish Refit HMS Rarity Belle

A long long overdue upload of my groups personal favourite submarine for semi and full serious matches.
I first found the old gal on the ucn page, which can be found here viewtopic.php?t=8423&f=22&sid=fc6f2fd8d ... c5#p125558
Sadly the old gal needed work, alot of work back when i first got it, and then i found out about bte and holy hell did nothing work. So i took it upon myself, with a few tutorials on hand, to fix her up at least a little to get her back to usability.
About 50 versions and revamps later i had got her to a good usable state, before i found bte+
Another ten versions and here you have her~ I've taken liberties to modify and add things that will proabably be unbalanced in a few ways...most jarringly is the shuttle railgun in one of her biggest blind spots behind the conn tower, and making it only require one person and one station to pilot. While i liked the two man job it just wasn't pratical for my then small number of players to work with.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fb-Pl ... M8_gQz6TN1
ooooh boy now the changelist, at least off the top of my head now.
Canteen- replaced the brig and extended its hull to make space for food and drink stuff added by bte, contains almost every ingredient needed for food production as well as premade cigarettes and protein bars.
Con tower- made the airlock togglable from inside the sub, inside the airlock, and outside, Alongside adding cameras, suit lockers and layered glass to make it into a more viewing and recon area.
Bridge- Changed stations around and replaced the depth console with cameras and a periscope, added abandon ship alarms and fixed clipping.
Medbay- Complete overhaul save the beds, proper medical supplies available alongside dart guns and tranq rifles. I even ordered the medkits top to bottom in order of importance on downed members.
Crew Quarters- Now doubles as an armory! server owners will want to modify and add keycard locks to these doors if needed, red lockers indicate firearms and the others have ammo and or gear. Jumpsuits still have their preloaded items so ya know.
Workshop- Completely done away with and moved to the engine room at the back. It now consists of a sonar station with extended range, and access to the shuttle railgun loader and sonar decoy and depth charges in the ballast tank below. Said ballast tank also contains access to a storage container with ammo and reactor supplies.
Engineering- Mostly just fixing the reactor cooling and wiring issues
Engine room- Added 3 backup battery generators using a watertight circuit system which should keep you going long enough to have your pumps drain enough water to keep you going. Not to mention i've tweaked engine settings to make her a little more nippy on the straightaways.
Docking hatch- Located between the engineering room, the sonar station, and between the aft railgun room and the crew quarters, was the emergency airlock. While that function still exists, i've taken the liberty to Attach a shuttle to it. This one in particuluar.


The shuttle is also graciously provided by the good folks at HSE in the form of a BTE compatable pelanoir submarine since it was one of the few that has a bottom docking hatch pre installed, which also lined up with the rarity belle.

PLEASE PLEASE P L E A S E go support Warhawk and the original release

....but seriously holy fuck that wiring mate i had to re do each and every wifi signal and rewire everything dear god why.
BTEP Rarity Belle, The UCN Spearfish BTE refit
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fb-Pl ... M8_gQz6TN1