[] [UPDATE!] Aegir Mark Ø + The Nullwalker

"The stock Aegir Mark III, sufficiently upgraded to meet the more recent standards for submarines. This vessel includes a vastly improved ballast, an armory, an electrical center, more crew quarters, vastly improved aesthetics, a depth charge system, and so much more."

First submarine I've done, and it's the Aegir to end all Aegirs.


-4 railguns, all preloaded. Normal shell color = C4, red shell color = IC-4
-Depth charge system that drops 4 depth charges one after another directly below the sub
-Electrical center that contains all the junction boxes
-Armory with cameras and other extra supplies for security
-The captain and the doctors get their own quarters now
-Cargo area in the airlock for storage of artifacts or cargo for missions
-Vastly improved ballast
-Quarantine room in the medbay (with a button to purge the contents of it as well)
-2nd engine and oxygen generator
-More supplies
-Vastly improved aesthetics
-Much safer and harder to troll
The Nullwalker!
This submarine's version of the Nibbler, it's much safer and fits the color scheme of the Aegir Mark Ø as well.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/umbemkqyq ... r.zip/file

Both files are included in .zip, the Nullwalker isn't meant for use as a respawn shuttle, but can be used as one if necessary.

If you host a server and it isn't BT Public, you can use this sub or edits of it on your server.

Make sure to leave feedback and report any bugs so they can be fixed, as I'm bound to have missed SOMETHING. Thanks!
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