[BTE 7.3] NX113

Sub name: NX113
Compatible with BTE: Yes
Weapons: One shuttle railgun with a dart loader at the top.
Pros: Fast, small, windows have shutters on them so when they break it doesnt flood.
Cons: Small, only one weapon with a dart gun, doesnt support large crews well.
Crew size: 1-4, 2 is recommended.
Crew skill: Beginner to advanced.
Backstory: The NX113 is the 13 model of the 100 line of fast, affordable, civilian subs. This sub is a modified version of the extremely popular NX112 which has a railgun loaded with morbusine.
Extra Notes:
To drain water between the window and the door rewire the water sensor to toggle, then wire it to set state once enough water has drained.
The sub has all movement wired to the reactor directly to conserve power when the fusion reactor is down.
Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/141149m ... sp=sharing