[BTE 8.0][WIP/REL][1.1.1] The Proteus

Hello Chynya here with one of my favorite creation, The Proteus.
Proteus was a prime god preceding Poseidon.
This sub comes with:
  • Motion sensor indicating activity in high-security areas. (Although it is still being worked on.)
  • Forward torpedo tube.
  • CCTV Surveillance.
  • Reactor temperature indicator.
  • Modernized reactor, oxygen generator, and engine.
  • A morgue to keep the dead bodies in one area.
The sub is lore-wise a escort class submarine, meant to support heavier duty submarines. It lacks powerful weapon system other then its single torpedo tube in the front and the depth charge, but it still has enough top guns to protect itself.

Be warned that this sub is not grief-proof, as I tried to keep the wiring open for people to edit in-game.

Please do not modify this sub without my permission.

[Download Link] : https://mega.nz/#!HtUEAKYJ!hR9XDjv1hHBs ... UA-HEh3uqQ
Patch Notes
1.0.0: Released
1.1.0: Double layer walls removed to single layer wall.
1.1.1: Minor fixes after double walls being removed.
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