Re: The Xenology Shipyards [] [WIP] *update*

I played with the Charybdis and Mantis in BTE 8.2, and I was not satisfied with how they worked. The Reactor lacked Coolant and therefore overheated and caused Junction Box fires, the ship was especially flammable too, the Mantis was not attached, and the Railgun Room always suffocated anyone inside. So I made a few modifications of my own. ... OmFMQcJhvd

[Works with BTE 8.2]
+Charybdis has more oxygen. No more suffocation.
+Less flammability since the Junction Boxes are in their own room next to the reactor.
+More railgun racks.
+Coolant in the reactor at the start so you don't die horribly in a fire. Might need to bring more along for long trips, though.
+Cameras and lights to observe the outside. The lights can be toggled by a button in the captain's room, and cameras viewed from Railgun Controllers within the ship.

+Mantis has its own Fusion Reactor so it can be self-sufficient.
+Mantis will no longer run out of power while docked, as the wiring is connected to Relays and therefore all of the electronics, not just the batteries.
+Hydrogen Generator and plenty of Hydrogen Tanks means a very long lifetime even when not connected to the ship. Useful if the Charybdis is unrecoverable or that artifact is just really far away.
+The Depth Charge Loader is now accessable for when one bomb isn't enough.

Might've done more, but I don't quite remember.

Re: The Xenology Shipyards [] [WIP] *update*

Thank you for the feedback!

Just to clarify, I did not create this as a BTE submarine, I created it as a vanilla one, but I do appreciate you going the extra mile to create a BTE dedicated variation. The Mantis was not intended to be attached rather as a respawn vessel. The flammability was both included due to balancing, and to laziness on my part. I will look into the oxygen problems. The lights feature is a good idea and seems worth including. I could've sworn I connected the switch to the relay component, I'll try to fix that.
^ this guy's an idiot.

Re: The Xenology Shipyards [Vanilla] [WIP]


I understand that you didn't intend it as a BTE vessel, I was just throwing that piece of info in.

For the most part, I did the work because I got bored and wanted a ship that didn't burst into flames - this isn't really directed at you, since a lot of ships are broken by BTE, unfortunately. I just found that this one was kinda cool and worthy of a few upgrades.
also not too big for my lazy arse to deal with
Most of the ship should also work in a semi-vanilla capacity, you just have to take the extra fuel rods out of the reactor and a few Railgun Spears, so it shouldn't be too hard to retrofit back to vanilla. Submarine editing seems pretty easy to me, just time consuming. Probably because I spent a lot of time with similar editors in games like Plazma Burst 2. Meh.