The Aegir [Vanilla] [REL]


So for my first sub I decided to modify The Aegir, and here it is!
I had no idea what to name it so I just call it The Aegir

- It's fast
- It has a lot of safety features to prevent hull breaches, traitors, ect.
- It has 3 engines
- The medical bay is more laboratory like and has a separate storage room for dangerous materials (This means the husk eggs are not easy to get)
- The reactor room can only be accessed by engineers, mechanics, and the captain.
- The engineers/mechanics have more materials to use to craft things
- There is a separate room for junction boxes (This is for the engineers who like to add stuff to the ship and need a power source that isn't filled)
- There are backup generators for when the reactor gets destroyed
- I don't know what else to put here

Middle Ground:
- The autopilot almost works with this ship but it can fail

- It's really big
- Sometimes the shuttle gets stuck after going full speed (This appears to be a bug with the game idk how I can fix that)
- There is a lot of wires everywhere, so if you don't like that sorta thing then I guess you won't like this ship
- The backup generators don't stop draining after activating them (This is a bug with the game and I can't fix it)
- The backup generators are somewhat close to the reactor core so if it explodes it might destroy the generators
- DO NOT attempt to wire the backup generators to be charged it WILL destroy the reactor core (Trust me I've tried to do that)
- I don't know what else to put here

I've put a lot of time and effort into this modification and I know it's not perfect, so I'd appreciate it if you'd put some recommendations and/or constructive criticism!
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