Re: [] Jupiter Submarine Company (Billsofat's Submarines)

Hello Billsofat,

From December the 6th till December the 21th, the Barotrauma Server community (BT Public 24/7 #1) held a vote. This vote had the purpose to improve the submarine list in rotation at the server, by sorting out the "bad" and the "good". In this process, it was also possible to add notitions for each sub, including yours!

If you are interested, the voting form is still accessible for reading. Here is the link:


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Re: [] Jupiter Submarine Company (Billsofat's Submarines)

All subs are now updated and should work on 0.8. If you had the previous version Subomination fry during start of round, it is a bug with 0.8. I raised the max power to get around this.

They also have the new preview picture, and my somewhat-arbitrary-well-thought-out crew and experience recommendations!

Oh, and they're rated for the Vanilla 0.8 and 0.7 packages! (I didn't actually test it on 0.7, but I don't see why it wouldn't work, unless the new description information confuses it)