Re: [] ConnorsSilverpaws's Sinkables (CSS)

Added the CSS Diamond to the list of subs.
LandonGam3r wrote:Thank you for fixing the bugs!

I have added it to BT Public for multiplayer performance testing, I really hope it turns out well but ofcourse we gotta see. I will let you know if I have an outcome :)
Was a good test on the server when it was on there for the day or so. Too laggy for most players. :potato: Currently modifying it to have a lot less hulls and windowed doors, with a more moderate speed limit for the engines.

Re: [] ConnorsSilverpaws's Sinkables (CSS)

Hey Connors, checked out your latest subs today and damn those are some nice build subs :D . The CSS Diamond represents detail and reliability, it moves forward on your earlier created subs. I ran around the CSS Diamond and got amazed here and there, the gun computer and the shooting system (unique), the double door system in important rooms, the small camera room, the coloured junctions box... very nice! After doing some steering tests it also moves decently agile. There is one thing however, the double door at the bridge doesn't seem to hold water correctly (when the bridge is filled).

The CSS Carrier is a whole different one, I like how you cramped the reactor in a tiny piece between the shuttle docks :laugh: , but besides that, very nice made and working without problems so far tested.

CSS Diamond and Carrier have been added to BT Public! - Barotrauma Server 24/7 - BT Public 24/7 - Join and play!