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Hey HalfdeadKiller,

Due to the current version of Barotrauma having a bug that causes problems to some submarines, mainly affecting the grid, I did a check through the list of subs currently in rotation at our server(s). It turned out that the USS Cubera IX has a problem at the moment:

USS Cubera IX - several fires on start, relays breaking.

The submarine has been temporary removed from the list, till a new game update fixes this problem. - Barotrauma Server 24/7 - BT Public 24/7 - Join and play!

Re: ( [REL] USS Cubera (Barotrauma Extended)

It's probably because the ship hasn't been saved in the new barotrauma version. I'll take a look at it hopefully soon, been busy with work.

Edit 1: Saving and launching does not seem to fix the issue. The power is behaving weird. It seems like each relay/junction box is receiving only local loads, and not shipwide loads. Thus there is too much power and not enough load, and the box/relay blows up. Unknown if I can fix this via the submarine editor.

Edit 2: Oh. Oh god. It appears replacing the junction boxes/relays, and rewiring them fixes the issue. You'd have to rewire the entire ship. My guess is that the junction boxes and relays have old code in them when loaded, and the game doesn't like loading old saved items with new game code. Though what's interesting is that the default submarines don't seem to suffer from the same issue. So either they were rewired for the new version, or something else is fucky. More testing is needed before I spend a few days replacing and rewiring everything. That took legit a week or so to do on this submarine.

Re: ( [REL] USS Cubera (Barotrauma Extended)

Due to a game update, the old junction boxes and relays catch fire due to some issue with load and power not being right. It requires complete replacement and rewiring of the entire submarine, which I haven't really felt like doing for a long time. I am unsure if I will ever get around to updating it since a lot of time was spent wiring it, and I just don't have the motivation/enthusiasm as I did when I built it.