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rico6822 wrote:Very Fine.

But I still consider, that those batteries with 20000 power are very expensive for the company (The Nibbler is using 5000 most noted around default subs).
Well I can lower it but I can't lower it all the way to default 2000 - Brick uses not a small pump but a large one (so that it can flood its relatively big ballast very fast and sink like a brick) and it draws 6 or so times more power.
rico6822 wrote: If you have done testing, does it mean you can remove pointless glitched light?
Which light?

rico6822 wrote: All those cons aren't truly great deal.
Most of them are intentional for lore reasons.

Re: [WIP] Stuff

Hello Clueless,

I have tested the "CLS Columbus Mk IV" and even though it's huge, I like the way it's designed. It has a similarity with the "Ceti-Class - Bismark von Leipzig", with the middle shuttle section. Because it's quite big, I want to do some performance testing at the server and see if it's suitable. I have compared size to other big subs currently in the list and technically it's should just be alright :D

Added to BT Public for performance testing. Will let you know if any bugs are found. - Barotrauma Server 24/7 - BT Public 24/7 - Join and play!