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[Version] Armed Evasion- Submarine

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:44 pm
by rico6822


Armed Evasion is a large shuttle created for an elite tasks related to an high activity of underwater creatures. The shuttle can act both as an rescue squad and the main ship of the mission. Lack of the railguns forces the crew to use chemicals (however high quality chemicals) to survive combats with monsters. The main tool of fighting monsters is to simply evade them when possible and fight them only when necessary. Toxin is killing in 1 injection most monsters and almost all in 2 (Endworm needs 17 injections to die). The command have disallowed rico682 to insert Ancient Weapon on the board, since losing loot like that would be expensive. But they have listened to him and gave a lot of Morbusine on the board of the ship and best miscs. The thing was to create a ship suitable for a lot of tasks and having a need for low amount of crew members to operate everything, because more in rico682's opinion would cause chaos. The shuttle has some system troubles and is not perfect, but can still provide easy victory when used quickly and paniclessly.


First Effect:Adds 1 health per second constantly.
Second Effect:Adds 2 oxygen per second constantly.
Third Effect:Removes 0,2 bleeding instantly (lasting timer is excluded and effect takes action one time).
Lasts:60 seconds.

Effect:Removes husk parasite eggs infection, if infected haven't fully got under the effect of husk's parasite eggs.
Lasts:This medical has no lasing timer and it's effect occurs only one time and instantly.

Effect:Movement speed increased by 1,5 (gets removed upon lasting timer reaches 0).
Lasts:60 seconds.

Effect:Removes 10 health per second constantly.
Lasts:60 seconds.


As Captain:
*Navigate the ship by the caverns and avoid danger.
*Make sure how you land.
*Give orders and advises to non-single minded crew.
*Guard the ship when offensive team is out to the ruins or for the monster.

As Engineer:
*Use your Engineering skills to fix up broken devices and craft some items.
*Guard the ship when offensive team is out to the ruins or for the monster.
*Your inventory is larger.

As Mechanic:
*Use your Construction skills to fix up broken devices and craft some items.
*Serve in the offensive team together with medical doctor and go into ruins or on monsters.
*You cut walls and fix submarine's walls faster than others.
*Your inventory is larger.

As Medical Doctor:
*Use your Medical skills to turn conscious unconscious crew members and craft some items.
*Serve in the offensive team together with mechanic and go into ruins or on monsters.
*Your inventory is larger, however larger sized items like oxygen tanks will not fit.

Other Roles are not too proficient in here, so find something for them.


*Can act both as a shuttle and the main ship.
*Good for all the missions and the campaign mode.
*Possible to complete most campaign missions alone.
*Small sized.
*Everywhere is close.
*Generator Powered.
*Beefy starting equipment (if 4 players or less).
*Has it's own artifact holding corner above the ship...
*...with a WATER REMOVING device, that doesn't drop artifact into restricted areas for it.
*Lack of windows allows the submarine to dive between 1600-1999 meter depth with no penalties.
*For the case when people in the respawn shuttles are unwanted, shuttle calling is manual...

*...this may be a trouble if shuttle is needed now and no call is made.
*Systems can easily suffer short time malfunction when raising energy for too much.
*Doesn't support docking.
*Using more than 4 crew members may easily cause relationship trouble and there are no enough starting resources for them (can be refilled by spending credits in campaign mode).

Submarine made by: rico682 (a.k.a. Redeloper or rico6822)

Upgrading or changing the ship's structure needs mentioning rico682 as the developer of the original submarine's version.


Armed Evasion- Rescue Squad Mod: ... =22&t=7935 by rico682


*15 January 2018 8:00-PM Changed nuclear generator's starting temperature from 4500 to 5000.

*16 January 2018 4:10-PM Fixed cargo spawn glitch.

*31 January 2018 4:25-PM ID cards can be used on buttons from Armed Evasion- Rescue Squad Mod.

Re: [Version] Armed Evasion- Submarine

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:57 pm
by rico6822
Link changed.

Re: [Version] Armed Evasion- Submarine

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:06 pm
by LandonGam3r
Hello rico6822,

I have checked and tested your submarine but cannot add it to BT Public unfortunetaly, the size of the submarine is very small. A while ago we held a community vote about the current submarine list. Most of the subs that have been voted out of the list, have been too small. Due to this submarine being smaller then most of those that got out-voted, it would most likely be reported as 'too small' in the community. However, I will check any new sub you create. Hope to see more in the future! :)

Re: [Version] Armed Evasion- Submarine

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:27 pm
by rico6822

Armed Evasion is for 4 people maximally when used as main ship. Use your best friends.

Re: [Version] Armed Evasion- Submarine

Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:21 pm
by rico6822
Check out a new mod for Armed Evasion I just made: ... 20#p118620