[] Crosecution- Bonus room for creating ships.

Download: https://jumpshare.com/v/TECRzMGqdET8AIVIQcex


Do you want to have an ironically breaking revenge on hostile crew members?

Download than Crosecution!

Crosecution is not a shuttle or a ship, it's an additional docking room developed to be above average difficult to grief as it is immune to have rewired or detached base devices in practice.

The room can dock from either front or back of the submarine, once it undocks it's doors are always opened sinking people inside.

The room most often can be used only one time to execute someone in it's most predicted manner, but is reusable by docking to it again, however the submarine most likely will need to dock the ship from almost it's bottom. An intelligent submarine creator will have an idea to create an area around their ships with small very fitting space for crosecution, so it won't fall down only crushing people's bones, however it's less fun since they do not drop epicly into greater deeps of the ocean, just stand in place.

Crosecutor has windowed doors and windows from above, so crew members can see easier what is happening outside or inside crosecutor. Windows cannot be closed.

Crosecutor does not have a power source and will need to dock in order to have it's light bulb and oxygen generator working.

The oxygen generator is the same as the one of the shuttle called "the Nibbler". If more than 5 people are inside at once, oxygen generator will be unable to sustain all of them and they may suffocate.

Without a need to undock crew members can pass through the room to go outside submarine, however it's not an airlock that will pump out water on command, since the room has no pump.

Taking prisoners ID cards is key element to keep them inside, since they would do damage equipped with them.

The lack of pump explains fact, that somebody could reverse pump to begin do damage. Even when cuffed crew members can uncuff each other besides of being cuffed. Water can be removed by simply letting it move into areas on the board with pumps.


*Can dock from sides left and right.
*If someone forgets to remain one door open, they will both open sinking prisoner anyway.
*Immune to have base devices rewired or detached.
*Windowed doors and windows on top of the ship to see what is happening inside.
*Is a ready fun giving execution room (spares time to develop submarines with good execution rooms).
*Extends imagination of people making more advanced submarines.
*Consumes only 105 power on maximum work.
*For those who dislikes clown equipment: No "annoying" horns.

*For those who likes clown equipment: No "majestic" HONKing.
*Pacifists may dislike the solution of fixing violence with violence.
*Reusability needs some special requirements to be simple and easy.
*Does not move by itself.
*Cannot pump out water by itself.

Created by rico6822 (a.k.a. Redelpoer or rico682).

This submarine is not copyrighted and was created for purpose of helping other submarine creators create their submarines. You do not have to mention rico682 as the creator of this room.
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