[BTE5.6b] THE CHAD SUB v1.1



The Chad Sub is an extensively modified and tested variant of the vanilla Nehalennia built for Barotrauma Extended. It features enough equipment for the deadliest of missions, ample opportunities for shenanigans, spotlight-infused railguns, and decorative fins to intimidate hostile aquatic life.


Average vertical speed: 30km/h
Average horizontal speed: 35km/h
Recommended Reactor Shutdown Temp: 8500 (This sub runs hot)
Recommended Fuel Intake: One Sulphurite Coolant Rod, 2 Nuclear Fuel Rods (When idling, only one fuel rod is necessary)
Ammunition on board: Plenty
Recommended crew size: 4-16
Recommended crew experience: Intermediate

The Chad Sub, although strong, is not an overpowered sub. It is meant for a larger crew, and as such, there is an extensive amount of oxygen tanks on board. Aside from this, however, the Chad Sub limits the amount of equipment onboard to maintain a balanced gameplay experience. That being said, a competent crew would still be able to take on a moloch.

The Chad Sub does not have layered hulls, because the only person who requires layered hulls is someone who does not sail with their dick fully erect and outside of their pants. As such, the Chad Sub can only take one hit before flooding, so your engineers had better be on top of things.

Fear not, however, as the Chad Sub has many built-in anti flooding measures. Pumps automatically detect water and pump it out, there are vents placed in the sub to remove water which has made its way in, and there is a terminal both on the bridge and in engineering which show the status of the hull, and any water which has made its way inside.

There are 6 batteries aboard the sub. They are only to prevent the power from flickering, however, and cannot provide enough output on their own to keep the submarine afloat. This is because the Chad Sub idles at approximately 5000kw when still, and 6000-7000kw when moving. When all pumps are active during a flood, the power usage can go as high as 9000kw, assuming the forcefield is active in the reactor room.

The Chad Sub is stocked with nearly everything that Barotrauma and BTE have to offer, including a KITCHEN, a TOOL KIT for crafting, GAUSS WEAPONRY, various forms of EXPLOSIVE CHARGES, and more.


Bridge: During a flood, an ALARM will sound throughout the sub, and an ASSAULT EXOSUIT will eject itself into the room. This ASSAULT EXOSUIT has an OXYGENITE TANK and a FULGARIUM BATTERY both installed, keeping the captain completely safe during an emergency.
There is also a set of full equipment necessary for the captain, both for emergencies on-board the ship, or for dealing with situations on the exterior, should the situation require it. This includes one JUMPSUIT loaded with 5 OXYGEN TANKS, a PLASTIC BAG filled with 3 BATTERIES, an OXYGEN MASK, a WELDING TOOL, a PLASMA CUTTER, a pair of HANDCUFFS, a STUN BATON, a FLASHLIGHT, and an ELECTRIC SCOOTER. The batteries in this equipment contain the only FULGARIUM BATTERIES on the submarine, as well, making the captain as well equipped as they should be.

ARMORY: The Chad Sub comes included with a fully loaded armory, containing anything a combat-ready sub should need. There is a BULLETIN BOARD which states the equipment security is permitted to have (captains, feel free to overrule this board. It's just to keep shitcurity from loading up on gauss rifles and destroyer grenades for no reason). There is a fully stocked pair of SECURITY LOCKERS with HANDCUFFS, STUN BATONS, KEVLAR ARMOR, and HTM GRENADES with nonlethal and lethal charges. There is also the emergency equipment, consisting of a GAUSS RIFLE, CARBINE, and PISTOL, as well as a military-grade SPEAR GUN, and for dire situations, the SMRSL, which can be loaded with Railgun Spears. As well, there is a DART GUN, 3 DARTS, and one of each DEADLY NEUROTOXIN. As well, there is several different EXPLOSIVE CHARGES to be armed in RAILGUN SHELLS. Finally, the armory contains three FUSION SHELLS for if things get really hairy.

ENGINEERING: Engineering contains enough equipment for FULL ON-SHIP REPAIRS, as well as emergency equipment for MAKESHIFT WIRING SYSTEMS. This allows crafty engineers to do freely what they wish, as well as giving traitors the wherewithal to commit dastardly sins, like linking the doors to the kitchen to the reactor shutdown sequence. Above Engineering is also a STORAGE SECTION, containing PLENTIFUL OXYGEN TANKS, FUEL RODS, and FIRE REPELLENTS. An ARTIFACT HOLDER is also installed for Salvage missions in this room. Finally, should everything go south, there is a DIESEL GENERATOR to the right of Engineering with FOUR DIESEL TANKS, powering the ship enough to remove water from the inside.

MEDICAL: The Medical Department on the Chad Sub has enough to allow doctors to craft extra medicine, while also being able to save lives on its own right. It contains all of the standard MEDICINES, such as CORRIGODONE, as well as the means to treat deadly ailments, such as MORBUSINE POISONING, HUSK PARASITE INFECTIONS, or ALCOHOL POISONING. There is also an extra MEDICAL HUD and DEFIBRILLATOR, and DARTS for the DART GUN in the armory.

KITCHEN: Truly the most important section of the sub, the kitchen is FULLY STOCKED with things like MEAT, ALCOHOL, and ENERGY DRINKS. Everything the average Chad requires.

AIRLOCKS: The Chad Sub has TWO AIRLOCKS, the primary one being located to the RIGHT OF THE KITCHEN, and one being located at the BOTTOM RIGHT OF THE SHIP. By default, the lower airlock exit is blocked by the BRIG.

DEFENCES: The Chad Sub is armed with 3 RAILGUNS, each with a SPOTLIGHT embedded inside for assisted aiming ability. Two of the railguns are located at the FRONT of the sub, whereas another is located at the BACK OF THE SUB, on the TOP FLOOR. The BACK GUN automatically is set to charge, however the FRONT GUNS must be manually set to charge. The Railguns are loaded with STEEL SPEARS by default, and have extra ammunition should they run out. They also have 9 RAILGUN SHELLS stored next to each gun, with explosive charges next to them.
There is also two EXPLOSIVE MINE CHUTES. One is located by the BACK GUN, whereas the other is located inside of ENGINEERING. The ENGINEERING MINE CHUTE is loaded with only one mine, and has no extra ammunition. This is for emergencies, as there is usually at least one engineer there, and if the submarine is being chased, it can often be faster than having someone else run to get on the upstairs mine launcher.

BRIG: The Chad Sub naturally has with it the Incel Detainment Shuttle. The Incel Detainment Shuttle is a small, one-room brig located on the bottom right of the sub. It can be DETACHED from the sub via the BRIDGE, or the COCKPIT on-board the shuttle. Should prisoners need to be VACATED from the premises, or should the crew require an ESCAPE POD, the Incel Detainment Shuttle can oblige. There is also a CAMERA to view INSIDE the Brig, located inside of the lower AIRLOCK.

The Chad Sub is meant to be versatile, yet streamlined. I find that most commonly used subs are so chocked-full of all the fanciest things like double doors to prevent flooding, layered hulls, etc, that things just get mixed up. This submarine showcases, in my opinion, the level of game balance that was intended for Barotrauma.

I've tested this sub quite extensively, running it on my server, which is called SwimZone. SwimZone is currently run straight off my computer, and as such, it's only on when I open it to play, so you won't always see the server, unfortunately. That being said, feel free to run the Chad Sub on your servers or with friends.

I'll be updating this sub rather frequently, so feel free to post bug reports and suggestions in this thread. I'll update the title of the post each time, as well as post a changelog.

DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!mlYD3B4L!FoCoCjD7BB7D ... kZprTDAUHo

Join my server, SwimZone! https://discord.gg/pAbTRmW
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Word of warning, the current build of the Chad Sub has no spawnpoint for prisoners. I'm working on getting them to spawn inside of the detachable brig. I will edit this post once I've made it work. For now, prisoners just spawn in the main hall.

EDIT: That was easier than anticipated. Prisoners now spawn in the Incel Detainment Shuttle, as they should. Please let me know if there's any issues with the spawnpoint, because as far as barotrauma is concerned, it's technically located outside of the ship hull.

Re: [BTE5.6b] THE CHAD SUB v1.1

Artifact holder from ruins does not work inside hulls and artifacts outside submarine hulls (including holders) are considered not to be claimed and mission is failed. Use artifact container for 1500 kW power. Railgun would be placed beneath engine. Why the hell is depth charge in nuclear reactor room, not railgun room? Most people are used to launch depth charges from railgun room. You could make 2 tubes, one is activated from railgun room and another from nuclear reactor room. Depth mines are launched by depth mine tubes, not regular depth charge tubes.

Rating: 7/10
If polish players can play barotrauma and barotrauma takes place in space, than Poland can into space.