H.O.N.K []

A semi-joke submarine!
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H.O.N.K - it stands for nothing! Literally nothing, because its a joke! Because this is a CLOWN submarine! That's right, a submarine dedicated to clowns!

This submarine shuttle hybrid is made to transport VIP clowns from one place to another fast! As such, it is designed as a symbol of clown society - the bike horn! A bike horn submarine! Fast and compact, its ideal for humans too (No, clowns are not humans.) if they can stand the odd and outlandish design. It has most of the features of any regular submarine, even having a security and medical room! It boasts three railguns. Batteries must be charged for maximum efficiency (Not my fault).

[Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ihrpm1qld ... K.sub/file]