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My name's Whale. I make subs. Submarines, not sandwiches. I have been making subs for about a year now. Well. I made a few subs a year ago, tested them out, played with them, got them on ARS, and then stopped playing just before the flood of rejuvenation rained down from the glorious streaming deities that inhabit Twitchalla. So, technically, I still have been making subs for "about a year." Generally my M.O. is such – every sub should be unique. Each needs a certain palette-tantalizing flavor profile to stimulate the senses and invigorate the mind. Am I sounding elitist yet? Good. None of this has any substance or meaning whatsoever. I'm just rambling on and on in some feeble effort to waste your time. Is it working? Is your time really so worthless that you're willing to throw it away on this verbose description of how I like my my sandwiches made? Just scroll down. Generally my goal is to have you guys go into these lovely little subs blind. I would love to just whip the files in your general direction and watch your mouths gape in a mix of astonishment, awe, and morbid disgust. It helps you enjoy them better. I know, however, that nobody's going to trust some random sandwich-artist with a chip on his shoulder and a sparkle in his eye unless he's proven himself, first.

I. These subs are released as-is. I'm not going to license a bunch of barotrauma editor submarines. Just don't edit my name off of them and credit them as yours. You have my blessing to edit them otherwise as you deem fit.
II. While my corporate overlords have cordially informed me that any failure to post screenshots will result in a swift and untimely death, I still abhor the idea of giving you guys a blueprint of every single secret on every single sub -- for the big ones, at least. So I will provide screenshots from around each sub, and I will provide each sub's exterior silhouette, but I'm not huge on just giving you a screencap of the sub in editor mode. Explore them yourself. You can always crack it open in editor mode anyways.
III. I am unfortunate enough to have chosen the name "Whale" around these parts, meaning that when I sign my subs with the call "WHA", they sit cozily at the bottom of any serverlist. Dusty. Cobweb-ridden. Ignored! Oh woe is me, some random asshole that whipped up a few crappy subs! In an act of snobby, irritating douchebaggery, I put a "-" in front of the names of most of my subs simply to make sure they're at the top of the voting list. You are more than welcome to change them back to normal.
IV. I plan on releasing little fancy "Owner's Manuals" with tips on how to test operate each ship, little secrets, etc. Stay posted.


"A medium-large fast sub with two forward-mounted railguns and some hidden goodies. Armor refits have increased the weight of the craft to the point where the engine occasionally strains to keep up and the lights flicker. No worries. She'll hold."

WHA Tyfonas MKV
"A large sub that feels more like a medium one due to a massive central ballast. It is armored in key areas and equipped with three railguns for nearly-360 coverage. The ship comes with a complement of three escape pods in the aft, though they are -- of course -- seldom used."

Shuttles, Misc, Etc.

WHA Estra Dropship: Medium military dropship with depth charges. Fast but with paper walls. Direct Download Link (Drive)
WHA Myga Pod: Tiny, tiny little shuttle used to recover escape pods. So tiny it only has enough oxygen for one or two people. Direct Download Link (Drive)
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Re: [REL/WIP] Whale's Sub Emporium

Hi Whale :D

I already promised to give your subs a check and today decided to add yours to BT Public #1 and #2.
Almost inmediately when checking your subs you get a feeling that they will work without problems, maybe it's because I have tested/played them before already, but they have a certain style and level of detail that makes them strong. They show that a lot of detail has been added to it, such as the labeling and colouring of machines, cabinets, etc.

I am sure these subs will be liked at our servers, glad to have them in the list! :)
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