Re: Introduce yourself thread

Hi! Im Niknahde and i LOVE SCP:CB Mod's/Fan Games and RP Servers on GMOD!
Favorite Singer: Michael Jackson
Favorite Show: Drake and Josh
Favorite Game: SCP Secret Laboratory
Favorite Website: and
Favorite thing to do: Create Games!
Favorite Hobby: Collecting HO Scale Trains and Railfanning [Expecially Amtrak, SEPTA, NJ Transit, Patco, PATH and MTA E Train]
Favorite IRL Place: Atlantic City
Favorite Place To Travel: New York Penn Station
Favorite Meme: :REDACTED:
Favorite SCP's: :173: :106: :096: :079_2: :049: :087_2: and :035:

I like trains.
No! I'm with the science team!