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French player here :)

Copy/pasting the introduction since i saw that thread after my first post. (yeah, my bad)

I'm a rather new player in the game (bought it a few weeks ago) and since then, i mostly played with the submarine editor. In fact, i played only a few hours on either multi or single player, and over 100 hours on the editor or testing my submarines :) My favorite submarine has multiple functions, like a dual purpose shuttle that can either be manned or remote controled (and with slave controls when docked, adding her engine power and ballast to the main sub), security cameras linked to a single periscope which change view on mouse click ...

Basically i like to think "wow this could be cool / fun, i'll try to do it !" :)

I'm currently working on vocal commands, with a WiFi linked to chat. I can do some nice things like turning lights on or off by a simple vocal input.

Re: Introduce yourself thread

Hello! I'm here in Indiana, U.S., and still have never had the nerve to force myself past the beginning of SCP:CB. I have tried it and couldn't deal with the spooks. Most of the time I'm playing either Barotrauma, Brick Rigs, or TF2. I've had Barotrauma for a couple months now (almost at 100 hours already lol) and love it! My steam name is SkipTheMercenary as well, so if ye want to play Barotrauma hit me up, but aside from that I don't have much else to say. Hopefully I don't forget to use the forums haha.

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Hello! I'm Seven, and I managed to convince, like, 9 of my friends to buy Barotrauma this past week because I was convinced it would be a ton of fun to play together. I was right, my friends have had a lot of fun with it, and I'm loving every minute I play! I'm passionate about this game, and I am beyond excited for more updates and features.