[--READ--] Forum Rules [UPDATED 01/08/2016]

This is a definitive list of rules that all forums users must follow.

Before we start:


This is the ultimate tool for getting anything out of place removed from the forum. If you happen to see anything out of place, wheter it be something offensive, flaming, or unappropiate images please utilize the little [ i ] button in the top right corner of posts to report the offending post. The report will reach us and we'll take any actions necessary. Please don't abuse the tool and if in doubt you can ask a moderator.

By importance:

1. NO personal attacks or harrassment, ridiculing or bullying. This rule is to be followed at all times. Respect everybody in this forum no matter what. Remember you can report and move on.
2. NO racism, discrimination or anything related to the characteristics of a person, or to a specific group.
3. Do NOT post any images that are not appropiate or may be offending to some people, this includes gore, pornography or anything with the purpose to break rule 2. Remember we got people under 18 here. Or anything linking to screamers as this can potentially injure somebody.

4. Do not impersonate other forum users by the creation of additional accounts with the intention to spread misinformation.
5. If you have been issued a ban for a set period, don't try to get around it in any way as this can and will result, depending on the moderator issuing it, an extension to the already issued ban period or depending on how many warnings the account has, a permanent ban. If you managed to get banned for an indefinite amount of time, do not try to circumnavigate the ban as this will result in losing any chances you may have had to be pardoned.
6. Do not pass on messages from users with long or permanent bans if the message is of bad intentions or breaks any rule as this will result in both parties getting the appropiate penalties.
6. No spamming or advertising, situations like "guys this game is so cool check it out" or "check out what i made" is allowed. DON'T create threads linking to just videos or something of low discussion potential. UPDATED 21/02: Emphasis on this, if you want to post a funny chatlog, a video or anything like that keep it to Random Off-Topic discussion or whatever topic fits it better.
7. No animated signatures or images over the 100px height limit and over the 50kb limit, same with big text, steamcommunity signature bars are allowed.
8. Avoid necroposting! Either start a new one, or find another thread on the same topic, this rule doesn't apply if the thread is under 2 weeks old, or if the thread is for a creation (mod, collaboration for the game or any new assets) and is of your property.
9. Avoid double posting! While this is not a strict rule it is to be avoided as you can as this makes the forum unorganized, overdoing it will result in penalties being applied. Edit your posts when you want to add something, and if it is of big importance to your thread (say, like making a model and updating the status of it, but nobody has posted.) double posts may be allowed. But avoid it.
10. Avoid derailing topics. Any topics that are derailed for too long will be locked and penalties may be given. [25/07/16] Emphasis on this, if you have any inside jokes then you can say them via other services not the forum, the forum is not your instant-messaging service.
11. Do not backseat moderate, this includes pointing out to an user he double posted or necroposted, this only breaks the topic flow. If you notice somebody has done something wrong, report the topic under the adequate category and move on, but if the user is new, try linking him to the rules and move on.

If you break a rule you will be subject to the five tier system. The adding of a new tier system will not make users in the previous 3rd tier (one month) to be moved back one tier, same with bans. A verbal warning may be given to an user too, but only once.

[UPDATED 01/08/2016] You will not be subject to the tier system if you are found to be breaking rules continuously regardless of the warning of fellow users and/or moderators, in these cases a permanent ban will be applied if the user is found to be unwilling to cooperate.

1st offense: A warning.
2nd offense: One day posting suspension.
3rd offense: One week posting suspension.
4th offense: One month posting suspension.
5th offense: Permanent Ban.

If you believe that you were banned/suspended wrongly please PM Regalis or the other Moderators, if you have any questions about the rules also contact a moderator, however no appeals will be issued except in extraordinary circumstances.

Please remember rules can still apply to moderators and these issues can be handled with Regalis and/or other Moderators.

Other guidelines you should follow
- [UPDATED 26/02/14] Swearing is allowed, as long as you keep it controlled and doesn't break any of the rules.
- Please read the FAQ, a list of frequently asked questions.
- If you want to make a new topic, please use the search, in case there's already a topic of the subject.
- Want to suggest an SCP for the game? Do it here.
- Want to do graphics/models/music/sounds for the game? We have already lots of people working on these, but see if there's anything you could help with in the model requests or audio requests -topics in the Collaboration subforum.
- Don't quote more than you have to. Quoting a 1000x1000 px image or a 100 lines long wall of text just to say "lol that's cool" is unnecessary.
- Don't bump months old posts, either start a new one or find another thread on the same topic.

These rules are subject to change, a notice will be posted if any new rule is added or revised.
You cannot be given a warning for breaking a rule before it was created.
Doing stuff that disrupts the forum greatly but is not in the rules will get you penalties regardless, in the jurisdiction of the acting moderator. (aka don't be an ass)
Your Tier status will never be decreased.
One month ban is equal to Thirty days on the day the ban was issued.
Rules are up to the interpretation of the acting Moderator, however Admins may override a Moderators decision.

Necroposting: the act of posting in a thread which has been long not posted on and is buried deep into the forum as inactivity happens in it, this doesn't apply to Sticky, Announcement, and Global threads since they are always at the top.
Derailing: the act of posting content that is out of context for the purpose of the thread, excessively.
Spamming: the act of repeatedly posting content, mostly of no use and out of context, in a chain-style manner.
Backseat moderation: the act of a user to be constantly and excessively pointing out wrongdoings, enough to the point of breaking thread flow.

Thank you.

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hug0905. (4)
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Combine (Thisisme/gmodfan102). [PARDONED, BAN LIFTED.]
Airplane611 [constant conflict, spamming, ban workarounds]
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Regalis [forum creator and game developer]

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Re: --MUST READ-- Forum Rules [UPDATED 19/02/2014]

I have to question part of rule 3. I'm all for diversity of age groups on the Internet, but SCPCB is a game that would be most likely rated 15+, so if people can't at least act 15+, they shouldn't be here. I believe that websites like these should have an age-restriction and thus a ban of underage people. However, the only evidence that can be brought against someone is if they don't seem 15+ or they outright say they're underage, so as long as they at least act 15+, I've got no problem.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with a little immaturity but there's a difference between immaturity and just childish. :)
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Re: --MUST READ-- Forum Rules [UPDATED 19/02/2014]

CLgaming wrote:
Serimah wrote:If you mean "cursing" by language then... all with restraint. Especially when you are replying to someone and use harsh words.
Mind you, we have very little "foul mouthed" people around here anyway as there is usually no need for harsh language anyway.
Ish. Okay. I'll...use my best judgment.

(And yes, sorry, I did mean cursing. I was writing a paper before that post, so I was still in overly-formal mode.)
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