Re: Introduce yourself thread

Hello, I'm a minecraft mod creator dipping their feet into other games at the moment. I specialize with "scrapholding" or taking other mods and frankenstiening them together, while adding my own little touch.

I'm like kinda young so I'm a little insane, but I do my best to not be annoying.

Sometimes I make mods, then take them down for some reason or another.

Re: Introduce yourself thread

Just would like to say hello and wish good day to all members.
I am new here and I am big fan of SCP conception and SCP games.

My favorite is SCP 173 and that's why it is on my avatar ;)

My real name is Mike and I am front'end developer and blogger. I like programming and I have a dream to create my personal indie game.
Check my blog on Gamasutra: ... ucture.php
Currently working on new educational project:
So, good luck and thank you for attention!