SCP - 049 spawn rate

Ever since the developer made 049 more aggressive, he never gives up chasing you, in fact I personally think 173(who is supposed to be the main threat in this game) is being overshadowed by the doctor as the he is much greater and more persistent(even MTF run away from him) But this is getting ridiculous! He constantly follows you, often spawns out of nowhere and doesn't shy away from opening doors that can't be opened from his side, double door in 008 chamber is a perfect example: Last time I played this game when it still was just version 1.2 I think? I don't remember the exact version, but recently I downloaded a new version 1.3.11 and started playing it and noticed something. SCP - 049 now spawns literally EVERYWHERE. I've reached 008 containment chamber and was in a middle of putting on the hazmat suit when I looked in window of the room where 008 is contained. And what did I see there? 049... who wasn't there a second ago! He spawned in that room right in front of my face, just a few inches away from me, I understand why he spawns in a room with a virus, but he should do that when player is at least in another room. Is anyone else experiencing the problem of 049 spawning way to close? Because this is no even about difficulty anymore, this is literally unfair, my only two choices most of the time are either put on SCP-714 and wear it constantly(until I run into SCP-966 and get shredded into a million screaming pieces, because I can't run with the ring on) or constantly have to restart at saving point because 049 once again spawned right in front of me and I wasn't quick enough to react.

Re: SCP - 049 spawn rate

Yeah there are a couple locations that he seems to spawn often, 008 being one and also run into him a lot near the Electrical room in Entrance. Also seems to spawn outside 079 room as you leave. He is actually not very hard to avoid even in close quarters, you can usually back into a corner that has some room around you then as he gets close to you within about 2 meters try to jink to one side real quick and run past him quickly. It takes him time turn around and touch you so if you are quick enough he can be avoided without much trouble. Still heavily agree that unless you are on like Keter mode, 049 seems to be bigger threat than 173.