FAQ, a list of frequently asked questions

Copied from the old forum, originally written by Steelpoint.

Why can I not post a thread? - This is one of our anti spam measures, you need to make three posts before being able to start a thread.

Why are the textures bad/games glitches out etc - This game is far from finished, as such most of the things you see are not even close to being complete.

How much will the full game cost? - The game will be released for free, however a donation option does exist if you want to contribute monetarily to the game.

Multiplayer - The general consensus is that a multiplayer mode would detract from the core game play experience, it removes the isolation and terror of being alone and surviving. Also it would be difficult to code in multiplayer with the current engine.

Change the game engine to 'x' - While that game engine might look better it is not the one that the development team wants to use and are comfortable with, it would also mean starting everything from scratch. So no.

The game crashes/freezes when the loading screen reaches 100% - This is a known issue, some people have got it working by running the game in compatibility mode and/or updating their graphics drivers.

How about some guns! - Nope. Simple as that.

Can you add SCP-XXXX - There are over 1000 SCP's in existence, and only under 5% of them would come even close to being suitable for this game. If you have a SCP you want to suggest please check the collaboration forums and ensure you backup your suggestion with a good argument, then post it to this page, however simply saying that it is cool won't be enough and even then the chances of adding in another SCP may be remote due to the work that would need to be done to add it. Also try to avoid overt hostile SCP's, having too many becomes more frustrating. For more information check out this forums post about suggested guidelines about recommending SCP's.

Add SCP-682 - That is a subject under a lot of debate, currently it makes a cameo appearance in the game. However it has been confirmed that it is possible that it will be added in a very limited form (Only being used in a chase or cinematic sequence), this is mainly due to its extremely destructive ability's.

How about Co-op - NO! No multiplayer in ANY FORM PERIOD!

Can I contribute audio/models/translations? - Yes, but please post them in their respective forum areas on the collaboration forum. They are stickyed on the top except for the translation thread which is not on this forum as of now.

Are you a Developer/SCP Author Steelpoint - I can't believe people ask me this, but no. I am just a fan of the SCP foundation, an avid one at that, but I am a Admin on this forum. However there are several SCP authors who are helping out. Try and figure them out!

Can you tell the Developer "x" - Sorry I do not have regular contact with the Developer, and even if I did I would not continually pester him.

Who is the Developer then? - He goes by the name of Regalis, he posts sometimes on these forums. His avatar is a spider, can't miss it. He's not an SCP author or a member of the SCP wiki.

I have a bug help please! - Take this over to the Bug reports section and describe in detail exactly what has happened. Make sure you're not playing an old version of the game (the latest is v0.5.1), since to bug may already be fixed. If you get an error message, please tell exactly what it said. Screenshot may also help in fixing the bugs.

I have a cool idea for the game. - Great, post it on the collaboration thread. We read everything (At least I do).

Why don't we make our own SCP? - Go ahead and try, however this game is focusing on already established SCP's and we are trying to stick as close to SCP canon as we can.

Pony 173? - ...

I have a COOL mod to show off! - Unless you have made a total conversion mod that is made to a high quality, please refrain from posting a new topic about it as all current 'mods' just add some face paint on 173's face. If you must post one please do so on the Lets Play forum. We have enough freaking pony and sonic mods.

Where can I find more info about the SCP universe and the game? - To find out more information about the SCP universe please visit the main SCP website. If you want to know more information about this game please visit the SCP:CB wiki.

Can we get a [insert operating system here] version? - Unfortunately the game engine being used is windows only. Sorry no Mac or other OS versions will be created.

I have a Let's Play/video to show of. - Please put it on the Let's Play forum, and don't make a new topic.

What do I do if someone is behaving badly, double posting constantly and so on? - You can report that person to a moderator or admin by simply clicking on report of that persons post, that is what the button is basically for, please take note that it is not a toy and several abuses of it can lead to something more serious.

Why hasn't there been an update for more than a amount of time? - Please keep in mind that the developer actually has things to do in life, to put it simply, it'll be ready when it's ready.

Am I allowed to "Screw around" in other topics - No, if you are posting inappropriate posts or not related, do keep in mind depending on how serious the offense is, there will be consequences.

*Updated* - 23rd, January, 2013.

Re: FAQ, a list of frequently asked questions

Nick Wickstrom wrote:I have a question. I want my profile picture to be the same one I had before. It came straight from my laptop. How do I get it here?
Try uploading the image to an website, then use that URL for your avatar image.

Try using imgur for example. You can upload your avatar image to it easily and go from there.
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Re: FAQ, a list of frequently asked questions

Regalis wrote:Am I allowed to "Screw around" in other topics - No, that's what this thread here is for, if you are posting inappropriate posts or not related, do keep in mind depending on how serious the offense is, there will be consequences.
You forget to insert a new link from the new Screw Around Thread.
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Re: FAQ, a list of frequently asked questions

Masshorde wrote:Oh yeah, shouldn't the first one be changed? After all the textures and all that bad, and you now CAN escape.
Good textures is somewhat subjective at times, and is up to interpretation.

But yes, the escape thing should be taken off.


EDIT: FAQ Updated, added in up to date information about the game as of currently. Fixed spelling errors and certain link errors.
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