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Greetings fellow Marines!

Just found this game, played around a "few" hours and failed a couple of hundred times.... And yes....Get seriously addicted :)

Love the atmosphere and the chill what I feel when switching in to an ancient ruin. Or when the half of the the is taken over by the creatures of the Deep, the other half is on fire then my captain is coming out from a dark corner in a clown costume with a spear gun... Pure Madness and FUN!

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I've been called Chiko since highschool and I've used the nickname ever since. A friend of mine mentioned Barotrauma and I decided to take a look. The game is really hard and I usually end up at the bottom of the sea almost everytime I play. 10/10 would drown again.

The game is kinda buggy but that doesn't stop it from being really fun. I love how it's also easy to mod. :3

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Hey, just found this place and I absolutely love it. Beautiful game. I haven't played much at all yet, but I will after viewing the forums a bit. I did die to 173 even though i just locked him in the other room :P.

I love this game, and Play SCP:RPs. I will absolutely contribute to the project once I get a little more stable. I am extremely pleased with how it looks and mostly pleased with how it plays. Awesome remake.

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Been interested in the S.C.P. scene for years, never was active in the community so I thought I'd check it out.
A little about me--for starters, my moniker: I chose "CupOfTea" for the reference to 294 and also because I drink 3-4 cups of tea daily. (Give or take.)
I'm a senior in high school, a mixed media, and traditional artist.
I like "listening" to people talk, I'm an introvert and not much in the way of conversation most times, though I can hold one quite well given my energy and attitude.
I dig RPG's, my favorite game series ever is Fallout, I have the entire anthology--I obviously also love spookier games such as S.C.P.C.B. and 087-b.
Hmmmm, the usual--music: 80's, 40's, 30's and 60's. Food: pasta is my life and so is plain popcorn. Humor: varied--gallows, deadpan, droll, satire, screwball.
I like using found objects for assemblage art, I often pick things up from the ground and pull rusty nails from telephone poles. I love creative writing, sculpting, and vidja games.

k. That's a lot. Whale, this is me. Hey, hi, hello--Glad to be part of the community after a long time of skulking in the shadows.
[Enjoy a healthy amount of tea. 20 cups a day--Doctor prescribed.]