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yonzo_rikuo wrote:just lock this thread

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Omniary: fuck you anglerfish can't smell
Dr. Trialtrex21: how you know bitch
Omniary: it probably could smell you though
could probably smell your fucking dank ass nasty powersuit structure gel trog ass enslaved protein bullshit sloshing in your suit from a mile away

Re: Dev Topic #4

Vulpest wrote:
hug0905 wrote:
yonzo_rikuo wrote:just lock this thread
Wait until Regalis decides to lock this thread.
It's pinned, you don't lock it until some idiots decide to cause enough anarchy to get this thread in a hole.
Actually, Regalis can lock any Dev Topics that get too big, but that is if only the Dev Topic gets.... well, big. thats what she said
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