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Mirocaine wrote:Honestly I was thinking on the issue of how the entire SCP facility would be organized these past couple days. It appears that of course every SCP is not contained in ONE site, but across dozens, sometimes each are dedicated to a specific SCP or sets of SCP's. Each site seems to have a Safe, Euclid and Keter based SCP wings.

The site in-game appears to be the biggest at the moment, probably sporting close to a couple hundred SCP objects (of course there ARE 3000 SCP's at the moment, but no site can contain even a tenth of that much with how dangerous they are).

I had an idea.. that perhaps maybe the facility could be seperated with a Monorail track to reach other labs (such as the Keter based sector).

Monorail seem to have a break room/loading bay before entering the track and before entering past that into the facility there is a tight security checkpoint.

Monorails are cool, right guys?
I don't think I'd personally do something like this at the current stage of development but it's a very neat concept that fixes one of the largest scaling/resource management issues this game has.
But yea, monorails are cool.
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Re: Keycards not realistic

For the keyycards realims issue: What about making a few keycards especifically to open the checkpoint areas? like "heavy contaiment acces keycard", "light contaiment access" etc. The idea woud be that somewhere in the light contaiment area would be a card to access the heavy wing and there an entrace keycard, maybe 079, 035 or a survivor could guide you to it thought the radio or the announcement system in the facility, an objetive more direct than just "escape the facility",( they could tell you to go to the chamber of some scp searching for a doctor, you find noone but some hint to another scp or room, they tell you that you to go somewhere else that the was hinted to... the classic quest searching for something).

This way the facility is divided by sectors and clearance, which is more likely taking into account that the lvl5 personnel working on the comm room(for example) should not be able to access the contaiment units since he/she has no bussines there, even if he is lvl 5. This way someone with all the checkpoint cards( the janitor) could access all the facility but not anything confidential, while the workers would be limited to use their clearance to the areas they are working on only.

This also would work with codes instead of keycards.
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Re: Keycards not realistic

I like the monorails idea. It splits the facility up in a way that it is safer to contain the SCP's.

I also like the zone access cards. Maybe we could have one locked up in the storage room in SCP-013's containment area, and the doctor wearing the mask can tell you to take it to help you escape the facility. That is if you haven't gassed him.

Re: Keycards not realistic

CommanderPro100 wrote:
nightscout01 wrote:Well, there's an "all clear" response from site command in SCP-076's containment site that shuts down it's security.
It probably isn't just a button that can be easily accessed by a random Class-D.
nightscout01 wrote:a select few and members of Site Command have Level 4 clearance
Is this mentioned somewhere in the game?
nightscout01 wrote:Yes, as you can see by that inaccessible side room by the checkpoint doors, there is most likely a guard stationed there. If there is a keycard reader between the two doors, I think he is not the one to open and close the checkpoint doors, and he most certainly does not have level 5 clearance if that is what's required to open them.
I can agree with you there. I do think that there should be an easier way to get through each checkpoint room because from a gameplay standpoint, a level 5 keycard is way too high to access another zone. Maybe there could be an entrance to the side door which would contain a 4 digit passcode to open the doors.
I agree with your last thought, but I have a few things to add on the first two. First, there are a LOT of things in this game that should not be accessed by a random class D. I don't think that a class D is ever supposed to see gates A or B, (unless they entered from there). For your second statement, see this webpage Thanks, nightscout01

Re: Keycards not realistic

nightscout01 wrote:First, there are a LOT of things in this game that should not be accessed by a random class D.
True, but I still don't see why there would be an insta-security off button that only requires a keycard and not some sort of password.
nightscout01 wrote:For your second statement, see this webpage Thanks, nightscout01
I actually looked up that page after I made my post. I've always assumed that the keycard system was not connected to that security clearance page, mainly because the description in the game doesn't match that page.
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