0.0.6 is out!

Yeah, v0.0.6 is for now the latest version of the game.
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cxm1h9ttt ... 6.rar/file
What's new: I may be forgetting some things, but here it goes. Added smooth corners to various rooms in the Entrance Zone. Added SCP-650. There is now a way to "win" and "complete" the game. It's on a table in the Service Level. Added a new "Extras" menu, containing some interesting stuff. Some parts of it may be unlocked through completing the game. The player will be able to find and then read/listen to different documents and cassettes. Added some plot, disabled playing Ken's video message and Greg's waking up animation(I literally forgot to enable them before building the game). Added a new "ventilation" room near the Evacuation Shelter. You can try pressing number keys and they may teleport you between different scenes. Added some intro titles. Changed the "LENS ABBERATIONS" option to "ANTIALIASING". There are some new easter eggs, but you'll have to find them by yourself :wink:


v0.0.7 is out!
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3y1csf86d ... 7.rar/file
I've added an ability to collect different documents throughout the facility (by walking near them) and then reading them in the "extras" menu. There is some more plot added, Alex Burnett and MTF units (they don't shoot yet). The intro cutscene is there, however the before breach part is not. I've added some simple objectives that will lead the player through the actions he needs to perform.

[v0.0.8] RELEASED

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hyrwfj3kr ... 8.rar/file
I've added a ~50% done HCZ, along with some more plot. You are able to visit the HCZ after "meeting" Alex Burnett. Added SCP-689. There is a "talking" SCP-079, some random Class D, SCP-303 and SCP-682 appearances (although I think they were added in previous public versions). I think there's 049 having a stroll in the HCZ, but I can't remember if I took him out or kept him. Some bugfixes, a notepad, 3rd person mode and a debug menu.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/w2gpvstm4 ... 6.rar/file
Some bugfixes, as well as a fixed menu and a save and load feature (you press F6 in order to do that, there will be also a sound indicating that you have saved(you can't save in some locations and under some cirsumstances, like the intro)). Added SCP-682's containment chamber, its control room and a sort of ventilation control room. Also a new Class D chambers room (inspired by SCP:Lockdown on Roblox).

Re: [v0.0.9] SCP - ISOLATION (fan game)

NaniTailedFox wrote:Hello, I have played your game and it looks amazing. Unfortunately, the game always crashes when I die (I am playing v0.0.9). The same thing happens when I open the checkpoint doors to get into HCZ. Do you have a solution to fix this? Thanks for reading ;]
Unfortunately I don't. This thing happened since the early versions and I don't know why. I will be looking more into it to try and fix it. Thank you for your comment!