Some Tips for the Unity version!!

Hi, I'm the art director of Project Exodus, another Indie game in development.

I'm super exited for this game and I really want to see it shine (I really want a good horror game and not another youtuber bait), so here are some tips for the art of the game.
-First, the new version isn't that scary because it lacks something that the first version of SCP has, that weird and odd feeling that the SCP's bringed to the table.
The graphics of the older version made the atmosphere of the game much more immesive (It had Yumme nikki vibes). play with the new graphics to find different types of atmosphere like S.O.M.A did.

-Focus on the sound, illumination and animation, this makes the monsters more scary. The monsters are too visible in the current version. One thing that helps is making some sounds for only one headphone e.g
-Increase the fog, this will help to make the atmosphere more terrific.
-Make the goals of the game a little bit more clear, but don't throw them in the face.
-If you are going to make a full story, try to use Voice acting, because text normaly break the pace of the game (and the VA give the game more charm, a great example of this is the Silent hill saga and the first resident evils).
-Try to make more different types of rooms, what I mean with this is that you easily get used to the current corridors if you pass through them after 3 times.
These are just some tips, I would love that you play more with the descriptions of the SCP's, like seeing SCP 096 through a computer or things like that.

Good luck!!