Re: The New Suggestions Thread

My suggestion is this,

why isnt SCP:CB a multiplayer game? I kept thinking to myself, staring at the scp;cb game on my desktop,
"I wanna play it, but it's just boring. It needs something new.. But not a new scp. It needs something....."

Of course more scps would be great, and of course this games needs MANY things to be added to its gameplay. But multiplayer.. would be amazing.

Class D's can either kill eachother or not, the game makers can decide on that.
People can be MTF, nine tailed fox, etc.

And if they want to let people be SCPS too, then go right ahead. But I can imagine it being a better game with even just a bunch of people against the scps.
It could even just be everyone as Class D.

anyways, thats my suggestion