The New Suggestions Thread

I saw the suggestion thread and even posted a few SCPs there, but the problem is nobody gets to see them before new post appear. So I decided to start a new thread where all the suggested SCPs will be published on the first page under categories (Suggested, Rejected and Approved). This way Regalis will be able to see all the suggestions. Here's the thing though. In order to make his life easier I made a template on how to post your suggestion.

Note: Only currently canon SCPs will be accepted, this is not the create an SCP for the game thread. You can find all accepted SCPs here.
Also, I have continued the suggestions in my second post, because I have reached the character limit

SCP Number:
SCP Nickname:
Ingame mechanics: If following the actual website document will be too overpowered or not interesting enough, write here how do you think this SCP should work, otherwise just write "Just like in the document"
Artwork/Models (optional): This is for those who really want the SCP in the game that even help Regalis by making a model
Here's an example:
SCP Number: SCP-106
SCP Nickname: Old Man
Ingame mechanics: Just like in the document
Artwork/Models (optional): This is just an image I found on the internet ... st_bro.gif
Suggested SCPs
SCP-531 wrote: SCP Nickname: Paired Brass Guard Cats
Ingame mechanics: Just like in the document
Artwork/Models: ... CP-531.png
SCP-1305 wrote: SCP Nickname: Cat Lure
Ingame mechanics: Just like in the document
Artwork/Models: ... /1305.jpeg
SCP-662 wrote: SCP Nickname: Butler's Hand Bell
Ingame mechanics: It could tell you how to get out of the facility or provide you a easier way to get out, also it can surprise the player, however
it does not convince me, to be in a horror game i mean.
SCP-231 wrote: SCP Nickname: Special Personnel Requirements
Ingame mechanics: It could have a cameo like a document or even an event during the game, I think this could be a good SCP in the game.
SCP-303 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Doorman
Ingame mechanics:
* TastyRhombu: This SCP should be in the game, maybe the entrance zone of the game could have windowed doors.
* TheRooster09: Same as document, popping up in windows and wheezing behind doors. I would like to see him in a quarantined section of the game. It could have abandoned test chambers, lab rooms and etc. You could also place a bunch of pipes in there spewing a different color smoke and adding a foggy/haze to the area ( making it appear like they are trying to sanitize the area or an SCP got loose and damaged the pipes. Either way works) . This would be a perfect excuse for why the windows are fogged up for 303 lurk around in. Not only that the smoke/haze could cause caustic burns to the player killing them unless they go in there with the hazmat suit ( which gives it another purpose besides SCP-008 ) There is a lot of potential here to play around with. You could have broken pipes or other obstacles in the way that you have to crouch under to get by, giving you a reason to actually use the crouch button since there currently isn't any.
SCP-058 wrote: SCP Nickname: Heart of Darkness
Ingame mechanics:
* TastyRhombu: This SCP should be hard to see, and suddenly kill the player, I don't know if this SCP should be in the game.
* Grey: Perhaps seen through a window in an inaccessible room mauling a researcher complete with creepy monologue, much like early scenes with the Headcrabs from Half-Life.
* Prune: Instead of being a roaming, interactive entity, this SCP could be seen in various scripted sequences that take place out of the player's reach. Through cracks in walls and windows, you could witness SCP 058 breaking walls and mauling personel along with it's creepy monotous voice echoing through the hallways. Some of the scripted sequences could have indirect effects over the player such as manipulating the environment for better or for worse.
SCP-027 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Vermin God
Ingame mechanics: I don't know... maybe a document? (as suggested by Brunou8) or it could roam the facility and as mad as the infected person is, he tries to kill you, but if you reach a gate with him a new ending appears where you find SCP-1023-ARC, kill SCP-027 therefor becoming the new SCP-027 and you end up being locked in a containment cell.
SCP-903 wrote: SCP Nickname: Tunnel of Infinite Possibility
Ingame mechanics: I don't know if this SCP is in the game's facility but this would be a good addition, giving random items maybe.
SCP-529 wrote: SCP Nickname: Josie the Half-Cat
Ingame mechanics: It could be a good addition as a Joke SCP.
SCP-060 wrote: SCP Nickname: Infernal Occult Skeleton
Ingame mechanics: Since the SCP is not in the facility, maybe as you escape through a gate a new ending scene appears, you finally stopping to take a breath say "Thank God I manged to get out of there" and start smoking some 420-J, but you are sitting next to 060 and it accidentally sets on fire due to the fire from the lighter, summoning 060-Alpha that kills you.
SCP-426 wrote: SCP Nickname: I am a Toaster
Ingame mechanics: Not much effort required, a simple toaster sitting on a desk somewhere would do as an easter egg.
SCP-050 wrote: SCP Nickname: To The Cleverest
Ingame mechanics: Just as SCP-426.
SCP-993 wrote: SCP Nickname: Bobble the Clown
Ingame mechanics: Can be seen on a monitor insulting and threatening the player, as well as offering deliberately bad advice.
SCP-1867 wrote: SCP Nickname: A Gentleman
Ingame mechanics: Everyone's favorite Gentleman Slug sitting in his tank. Can offer advice and encouragement to the player. (though this is a horror game, so the advices should be really small and meaningless, like "Don't look at SCP-06's face", it's good, but people unaware of who 096 is might find it a useless advice and for those who do know about it will say "Thanks for telling me something I already know")
SCP-963 wrote: SCP Nickname: Immortality
Ingame mechanics: Can be found on a dead researcher, picking it up could result in a game over or perhaps even a new ending where you manage to escape, but with Dr. Bright controlling your body.
SCP-212 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Improver
Ingame mechanics: When used by the player, it has a set number of possible outcomes that are beneficial to the player (e.g. more stamina, more inventory slots, slower blink meter), would probably have some negative effects as well, such as MTF being less hesitant to shoot you. Can only be used once.
Artwork/Models: ... vinci1.jpg
SCP-965 wrote: SCP Nickname: Face In The Window
Ingame mechanics: Could be seen in many windows, scaring you every time, or even seen in blackout. Seen at the SCP-965, it will slowly drain sanity, just like SCP-895 does.
Artwork/Models: ... Window.jpg
SCP-352 wrote: SCP Nickname: Baba Yaga
Ingame mechanics:
- Some corridors or pathways can be clotted up by the webs created by 352.
- You can risk navigating through the webs (which will be difficult), or you can take a longer detour.
- If you touch the web, your vision will distort moderately for a while and movement will be impaired. SCP 352 will be spawned out of sight of the player and immediately run after you, where 9/10 times you'll be devoured.
- These webbed corridors will be rare, only spawning up to 2 times in the Heavy Containment Zone. It would be irritating to let this SCP loose all over the site throughout game. It should be kept to specific environments so appearances are uncommon and unique.
- Voice acting for the creature would be nice if we found someone who could speak Old-Russian in a convincing accent.
Here's how SCP-X first suggested it:
First the player will open a doors to 352's chamber,when doors are opened there will be a huge dark corridor leading to 352's chamber, once the player gets out of the corridor and opens doors, a dead body will fall down that 352 ate(jumpscare).That body will look bitten,without legs and arms(and will bleed). When the player gets out he will see 352's chamber,there will be alot webs made out of 352's hair everywhere and inside her chamber(there might be dead bodies inside the web she made).As the player continues walking trough tunnels(like 049's but larger,like maze) he will hear a music box playing,as he gets closer he will see 352 sitting in the middle of empty room(with bad electricity) on some box(like 096)listening to music box. She will just sit and listen,simmilar like scp-096(she might humm to the song),once the player comes close to 352,or infront of her(music changes)...352 will close the box(song stops), stand up,start humming,after 3 seconds she will start laughing(like witch).After 5 seconds 352 will start chasing the player.352 will walk hunched(like old woman) once she is close to the player she will quickly attack (simmilar attacks like 049-2,but she will use sometimes 1 hand)once the player dies 352 will start laughing like witch(first like witch,then after 5 seconds like demon).BTW there might be webs around the tunnels she made,if the player falls in the web it will slow him down(like cobweb in minecraft) and 352 will kill the player in it.There might be some demolished desks around so the player can hide from 352.If 352 doesnt sees the player(player is hiding)she will walk where is scripted, when she sees the player she will stood still and do something like 096 for 5 seconds(that will give the player time to escape),after that she will start chasing him until the player dies.
Artwork/Models: ... 5tj7g1.jpg
SCP-517 wrote: SCP Nickname: Grammie Knows
Ingame mechanics: Just like in document (Set up to activate if the SCP is activated, then the computer's time reaches 1:43 AM)
SCP-1027 wrote: SCP Nickname: Carnivorous CNS
Ingame mechanics: It could roam the facility, aggressive towards you. If you go near a dead body, it could create a new SCP-1027.
Artwork/Models: ... o1_500.png
SCP-053 wrote: SCP Nickname: Young girl
Ingame mechanics: You could maybe find her chamber and if you have the proper keycard could enter, she would sit in the center or maybe she would wander around the room, if you touched her (Bumping into her) or stayed near her for too long you would shake and dash towards her and the screen would go black (You died)
Artwork/Models: ... Scp053.jpg
SCP-146 wrote: SCP Nickname: Bronze head of shame
Ingame mechanics: Item would sit in a locked chamber, if you stare at it the character would begin to feel guilty about something (Seen as text on the screen, or audio) this would get worse as time goes on while in the heads sight, eventually after some time they will start hallucinating and become hard to control, if exposed any longer the subject will black out and die. (Could be used as a mind**** or even some back story on how D-9341 made it into the facility)
Artwork/Models: ... CP-146.jpg
SCP-101 wrote: SCP Nickname: Hungry bag
Ingame mechanics: It could be a guard or disguised as an item you need, when you get close it will grab you and severely injure/kill you.
Artwork/Models: ... CP-101.gif
SCP-280 wrote: SCP Nickname: Eyes In the Dark
Ingame mechanics: Just like the document.
Artwork/Models: ... 80/280.jpg
SCP-457 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Burning Man
Ingame mechanics: Could appear by chance in Maintenance Tunnel Maze in a fuel room. You could hear the sounds of gas being released from pipes far off. Once close enough, he will begin chase. Moves at twice the speed as Larry. Can burn down doors (Normal: 6 seconds. Containment Doors: 16 seconds.)
The Volgun also made a voice test for 457 a while back. It can be found here.
SCP-1048 wrote: SCP Nickname: Builder Bear
Ingame mechanics: His room could be the one where 173 breaks out of the glass ( The one where you can currently find the lvl 2 keycard ) It seemed random for 173 to be in there but for SCP-1048 it's perfect. As you walk in he could be standing on a desk in front of the little window jumping up and down, waving at the player. "Hey! Hey you! Would you please let me out of here? Just open the door for me that's over there." He could then point at the door and keep looking back at the player. If you let him out a cutscene could happen where the player can't move and the teddy bear skips out of his cell and runs up to the player saying "Thank you!", then skips away and out the door where he vanishes. ( I said the player can't move so that way it shouldn't cause any glitches or errors if they try to chase after it.) After the bear leaves, the player can move again and if they enter his cell they will find his document and be like "Oh shit. Why did I let that thing out!?" after reading it.

The evil bear(s) that it makes can then spawn somewhere randomly in the facility. These should be easy to make, just alter the model for the good one to make the evil one(s) They could be made of scrap metal, office supplies, and etc. Their chase speed should be just a tiny bit faster than 106 and damage wise take 3 hits to kill the player. After running through two rooms and closing one door behind you they can stop chasing you. The good bear can spawn somewhere randomly and when you find him he will be sitting on the floor with a drawing and a box of markers beside him. He won't really react to the player just look up at him from time to time.

The picture he drew can be picked up and it could either be SCP-682-J as a funny little easter egg or a picture of a smiley face that says "Thank you on it." As a sidenote I said bear(s) because you could probably get away with only making two bears in total, one good and one evil, that should be ok.
SCP-224 wrote: SCP Nickname: Grandfather Clock
Ingame mechanics: An easy one to make considering it's just a clock. When the player gets close enough to it the chimes could trigger. With each chime the player gets slower and slower till it kills you with old age. The only way to avoid it is to immediately sprint out of it's chamber.
SCP-151 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Painting
Ingame mechanics: Another easy one. After you view the image it will do the zoom in thing like the coffin scp does, but it won't actually kill you. Instead, your character will say he's having trouble breathing which will be followed by coughing later until finally you hear a choking/gurgle sound and you fall over dead. The report says that seawater was found in your lungs.
SCP-309 wrote: SCP Nickname: Plush Toy
Ingame mechanics: Sarts hurting the player shortly after being placed in their inventory. Then after a short while kills the player. The report says he was somehow turned inside out.
SCP-048 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Cursed SCP Number
Ingame mechanics: A blank document with the SCP # on it. While it's in the players inventory it greatly increases the chances of 173 and 106 to spawn nearby.
SCP-162 wrote: SCP Nickname: Ball Of Sharp
Ingame mechanics: It would be like a 895 but more lethal.
SCP-201 wrote: SCP Nickname: Empty World
Ingame mechanics: People could enter out of initial curiosity. Once there, you can do nothing except wait until you can come back. As time goes by you start to go insane and hear things (but there is no actual thread, but a mere imagination forged by the mind consumed by the fear of lonliness)
SCP-020 wrote: SCP Nickname: Unseen Mold
Ingame mechanics: Would be inside a lookroom and other rooms. You can see it through video surveilance. It appears in the heavy containment zone. You need the hazmat suit found inside the room of 008, if you don't have it it will get on you.
you have to go through the heavy containment zone with hazmat suit.
SCP-1128 wrote: SCP Nickname: Aquatic Horror
Ingame mechanics: In a attempt to kill you the old AI could read to you the description of 1128(it's not like it needs to be worried about water). There could be flooded part of the facility or somthing like that. If you get immersed in water you would then be teleported to the ocean. Where you have to swim for your life or be eaten by the horror. However you could take amnesiacs to cure yourself of 1128 and get past the water without issue.
SCP-796 wrote: SCP Nickname: River cat
Ingame mechanics: It could be part of a scripted event where you catch sight of it, then afterwards are placed in a dangerous situation with the MTF of another SCP.
SCP-1518 wrote: SCP Nickname: Bubble fountain
Ingame mechanics: It would sit in an underground vault accessible by an elevator, if you enter its containment chamber it would spit bubbles, these will kill you if you touch them, if you enter its containment chamber you would hear the song in the article and be drawn t the fountain and die, you could find earmuffs to protect yourself from this.
Artwork/Models: ... untain.jpg
SCP-198 wrote: SCP Nickname: Cup of joe
Ingame mechanics: It could disguise itself as one of the plastic cups on one of the tables in the cafeteria, once picked up it takes effect right away, you would gave to drink out of the mug every so often to stay alive.
Artwork/Models: ... ingcup.jpg
SCP-409 wrote: SCP Nickname: Contagious Crystal
Ingame mechanics: It could stay in it's chamber that was broken, just like 513's. You could touch it, which would end up with you dying from getting crystalized, or an event could occur, where 682 would stomp so hard that it produces a mini-earthquake, making 409 drop on you.
Artwork/Models: ... ingmy8.jpg
SCP-472 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Bloodstone
Ingame mechanics: It could be a new scripted event. Once you go into its room, 079 closes you in with no way of getting out, 472 making hearth-beat sounds slowly driving you insane, until you start seeing things and die.
Artwork/Models: ... garnet.jpg
SCP-523 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Most Unhelpful Object On Earth
Ingame mechanics: Simple, you hear the sound it makes and shortly after, one of your items turns into something harmful and/or useless. (Example: Try to use a Keycard and then it becomes a MasterCard.)
SCP-1413 wrote: SCP Nickname: Black Pen
Ingame mechanics: Maybe as an easter egg, you pick it up and for *insert reason to write with the pen here*, you write, and freak out.
SCP-1000 wrote: SCP Nickname: Bigfoot
Ingame mechanics: He would act very much like Scp 096 but in order to aggravate him you need to stare at him for an extended period of time. He will then perceive this as a threat and begin chasing.
He will be slightly slower than Scp 096 but he'll open doors instantly.
The only way to survive/stop him from attacking is to stand still and crouch which he'll see as a sign for mercy in which he'll reply in a monstrous voice: " I forgive you; Given choice for now not forever;"
He will then walk off but able to be seen again.
If you stare at him a second time he will ignore your call for mercy and kill you.
SCP-019 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Monster Pot
Ingame mechanics: Either vibrations cause the pot to fall and multitudes of 019-2s or can be moved moved by the if wanted.
When the swarm initially run from the pot the only way to defend yourself is to run out of the room and close the door.
Banging and scraping will be heard but will later cease.
Later on individual 019-2s will attack but can easily be stomped into the ground.
On rare occasions swarms of 019-2s will emerge from vents and other holes and begin chasing the player, being much faster.
Again, the only way to survive them is to quickly close the door behind you.
SCP-939 wrote: SCP Nickname: With Many Voices
Ingame mechanics: Should only be included if friendly NPC's are added.
A voice calling for help is heard.
When the player goes to investigate they are instead shown a dead NPC laying on the floor next to 939 who will then begin chase, running as fast as the player.
During the chase the player's vision will distort (AMN C227).
When the player looks back they'll hallucinate three 939's.
The fake ones will be slightly transparent giving some distinction between which are real and which are fake.
If you are caught by a fake the fake will simply disappear.
939 will give up chase in a certain period of time.
SCP-522 wrote: SCP Nickname: Blood Draining Carpet
Ingame mechanics: Same as document. (Found in its containment chamber. The player would have to refrain from touching the carpet to get to the next room. A Haz-mat suit can protect the player.)
SCP-266 wrote: SCP Nickname: Will o' the Wisp
Ingame mechanics: Same as document. (Possible wandering SCP.)
SCP-647 wrote: SCP Nickname: Hungry Box
Ingame mechanics: It could be found near the wall of a room, if you get near it you will make it insta-grow and close you inside itself.
Then the screen gets dark (because the character can't see inside the box when it's close...) and you would start listening a sound of a dripping liquid (acid in that case...) that will kill the player after some seconds. You would need at least a Level 3 KeyCard to get in it's room.
Furniture in the room: In the left corner near the door there is a box with SCP-647's document on it. SCP-647 itself would be near the wall in front of the entrance door.
SCP-131 wrote: SCP Nickname: The "Eye Pods"
Ingame mechanics: They could be used as an easter egg and placed in a "common-looking room" (the do not have a containment chamber...). You could find them in a corridor with 4 doors: the first two would be on the sides to connect the room to the other ones of the facility; the other two could be near each other on a side, but the one that contains 131-1 and 131-2 has a broken button (so thay can't get out and you can't reach them...) and the other would need at least a Level 1 KeyCard to get inside. When inside the openable room, you can see 131-1 and 131-2 in the other room trough a glass (similar to the one in the room with SCP-173, a S-NAV and a Level 2 KeyCard...). You could hear and see 131-1 and 131-2 moving around in the room randomly (or with scripted movements), if you get near the glass they would stop moving and start looking at you. If you get away from the glass (or look at the other room from it for some seconds...) SCP-131-1 and SCP-131-2 would start moving again.
Furniture in the room: In the first one (the one with 131-1 and 131-2) there are:
-a shelf (with nothing on it) in a corner
-a box-like container on the side of the shelf (like the one in the angle of 914's containment chamber, with 914's document on it...)
In the second room (the openable one) there are:
- a desk (with SCP-131's document and a battery on it)
- an shelf (with nothing on it)
SCP-811 wrote: SCP Nickname: Swamp Woman
Ingame mechanics: She would spawn in the men's bathroom, pacing around. If you go near SCP-811, she will become aggressive, slowly moving towards you for 6 seconds. She would then begin to run towards you on all fours at running speed, occasionally regurgitating corrosive vomit projectiles at you (which has a 10% chance of happening). If SCP-811 gets close enough to you, she will begin to slash at you with her hands, much like an SCP-049-1 zombie would. You can hide from SCP-811, which will cause her to slow down and attempt to look for the player. If she doesn't find the player, she will give up, go into a docile state again, and wander around the facility. She will resume chasing you if you go into her line of sight, always starting with the slow approach that is seen when you first encounter SCP-811.
SCP-2999 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Black Cat and the White Rabbit
Ingame mechanics: The player would be able to talk to SCP-2999-B.
SCP-217 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Clockwork Virus
Ingame mechanics: The player would find its containment chamber which would look similar to 106's Chamber cell, and it could act similar to SCP-008, where it takes a while to fully take over the player, and when the player is fully infected, It could act similar to when the player is put on fine/very fine where he has incredible speed but will be short-lived and the player will die unless they take SCP-500-01. And if they don't the death message will display "Subject D-9431 appears to be completely covered in blood at [DATA EXPUNGED] and we have confirms that he was a victim of SCP-217."
SCP-363 wrote: SCP Nickname: Not Centipedes
Ingame mechanics: An instance of this creature could be located within a cold storage room feasting on meat and caged animals. When it sees you, a chase scene will initiate like the Rock Worm chase from Penumbra Overture and you must run away while creating obstacles to slow it down. To make the creature more terrifying, there could be scripted sequences of it's body slithering through corridors and hallways in the distance, leaving mutilated bodies behind with eggs planted in open wounds. In other parts of the facility, instances of SCP 363's "infection" could be seen; scientists and janitors with insect-like appendages and deformities would be found lurking about, watching the player without attacking, and occasionally saying things like: "Feed us your bodies. Purge the flesh. We are one, one is all."
SCP-076 wrote: SCP Nickname: Able
Ingame mechanics: Just like in the document.You could find the coffin the box is in and its broken and the box is out from either 682 stomping around the facility, or from the beginning of the Breach. If you stay next to the box or even in the room too long, Able will eventually wake up. And he could behave like a secondary 096 where he will hunt you until you're dead. And if the MTFs encounter him, they could turn their attention to Able and successfully kill him.
Artwork/Models: If this is green-lighted, these could possibly be used as reference for the model: ... 6l0z11.png ... 58ypr2.jpg
SCP-113 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Gender-Switcher
Ingame mechanics:
-SCP-113 could be included with his containment chamber as an minor Addition(Maybe in an similar chamber as SCP-714 or 1025).
-You could collect it and if you use it you could become an woman and every sound of D-9341 would sound like an woman.
SCP-1244 wrote: SCP Nickname: Universal stopwatch
Ingame mechanics: When used it would spin and start counting down from 60 seconds, when the counter reaches zero, a scripted event will occur, it could be multiple things selected at random.
-Sudden appearance of 173, 106 or some other hostile SCP.
-Some sort of scripted event.
*MangoDoxin: When you enter it's containment room which will contain other useful items it will be placed against the wall under observation. It will be ticking until you pick it up. When you take it out and right click it will wind up to a number between 10-60 and count down to 0. It can be used to count down to events in game that are random. If 2 events are within that range it will wind up to the nearest event. Events such as SCP-173 appearing suddenly, power surges,SCP-106 appearances, ambiance, MTF entering, Scripted events if used during them such as at the Gate A ending, and doors opening suddenly will be counted but the SCP will only count to the nearest SCP if it is not going to happen in 9 seconds (takes 1 second to wind up), will not tell what will happen while counting, clock is unable to be disabled after put away so it will continue to tick until the event occurs. Random events can be forced with this SCP but if not in the range of the SCP it will cause ambience or a door to open, rarely a power surge. SCP will self activate if not activated after a long period of time and will stop ether when the player takes it out (animation of it reaching 0) or of a random event, whichever happens 1st. Most random events made by activating SCP-1244 will not be ones that affect progress such as SCP-106 appearing or MTF entering the area but can still happen. Events will never be predictable if using SCP-1244 (when ambiances and doors open randomly are always 60 seconds or another specific number)
Artwork/Models: ... 4/1244.jpg
SCP-1145 wrote: SCP Nickname: Nagasaki teddy
Ingame mechanics: It could be found in it's containment cell, along with a switch to turn the lights on or off in a seperate room, if the player turns the lights off or maybe 079 could turn them off if the player remains in the room for too long, the bear will activate and begin pursuing the character, being too close to it or anything it has passed through will damage the player or make them ill, once it reaches the character they can pick it up the bear will damage them slightly less then if it was left alone, (It will still kill the player eventually, wearing the hazmat suit will stop the radiation from damaging the player for a short while until the radiation gets too powerful.
Artwork/Models: ... P-1145.jpg
SCP-640 wrote: SCP Nickname: Lucent beam
Ingame mechanics: It could be found roaming the facility after a certain point (Possibly a scripted event to warn the player about it) if they attack, you take moderate damage and flinch making escape extremely difficult, the damage heals itself, but they are hard to escape once they begin attacking you, if you find there containment cell you can lure them in and if you shut the door on them, they become recontained and you won't find them in the facility anymore (Unless you open the door again).
*Omniary: This guy could work as a randomly occurring hostile SCP that'll manifest on a wall, perhaps disguising itself as a beam of light, which could be done with some sprites. However, it should only spawn if or after the player has come across it's containment chamber, which is described as:
An ellipsoidal room with a uniformly-reflective interior, such as nickel or chromium plating. The atmosphere in the room must be maintained at a temperature of between 260 and 307 K, at a relative humidity of 50% or less.

The confinement chamber must be equipped with a light-tight airlock fitting equipped with an electronic interlock to prevent both doors from being simultaneously opened. Though SCP-640 is not known to be able to assume a gaseous form, these doors should be airtight and, if possible, watertight to facilitate emergency containment measures.

If it chases you, and comes within close enough contact, it'll give you a light zap, which won't hurt you too much, or kill you instantly, but rather has the damage of a single bullet to your leg. Like 106, you'd have to outrun it for it to lose interest.
Artwork/Model: A screenshot edited to perhaps show how 640 could be waiting for prey in a room.
Other Suggestions
096 Scripted Event Guard Room modification suggested by Prune wrote: The Guard should walk into the room from the other door instead of being in the booth. It just seems weird that he wouldn't notice SCP 096 in the same room after (presumably) being there for a while. 096 should be leaning against one of the electric boxes using Night's newer animations. He will then look at the Guard to his side and flip out instead of being angry prematurely as you enter.
When 096 flips out, he ought to accidentally smash the electric boxes with his arms. This will cause a blackout in the room and prevent you from viewing 096 killing the Guard. The blood on the window was a good idea to begin with, but the blood doesn't always cover up what you're not meant to see. Knocking out the lights would be creepier since it adds more mystery to what is happening in the room, whereas having blood on the window allows you to assume what 096 did to the Guard. Remember, we are never allowed to fully understand what 096 does to his victims. We ought to prevent people from making any kind of easy assumption.
When you enter the room, red emergency back-up lights should immediately switch on and illuminate the room moderately, revealing the aftermath of 096's rage more abruptly.
096's Scripted event suggested by Prune has been agreed by Omniary with an extra suggestion wrote: Agreed on the ideas for the improved 096 event, I also want to suggest more evidence of how 096 got into the room, for example, a crumbled wall like that of 513's room, behind which is a collapsed area, so that our Class D here can't escape easily. Also, I honestly don't know why Regalis did this, but I uploaded the 096 screams separated from the chase music track for a couple of reasons. One of which being this cutscene. Having 096_3 play over 096guard2 really kind of ruins it, I don't see why after separating the music, the screams are still added over the pre-existing screams.
Prune's ideas wrote: What needs to happen is a kind of progression in this game. By this, I mean the game should become considerably harder when you complete important tasks that are beneficial to your escape. For example, removing the door control system will make 079 aggressive, and it'll attempt to hinder your progress by using other SCPs to it's advantage. Changing all monitors to show the 895 camera feed is already a good idea because you will need to turn it off to make use of cameras. SCP 079 could also broadcast the sound of 012 or 513 over the intercom to slow you down and you would have to destroy the bell or turn off the power in 012 to not go insane from the psychological effects of both SCPs. The AI could even release 008 prions into the ventilation system to fill entire rooms with the virus. You'd need a hazmat suit to move through the room safely.

What the game also needs is a clear-cut pathway to Gate A or B. At a definitive point in the game, a choice should be made to determine which Gate you will arrive at based on your decision, you won't be able to reach both Gates at once so it'll be up to you to decide. The route towards Gate A or B should be given a theme that is defined by the type of tasks, enemies and scripted sequences you encounter, e.g: to reach Gate A, you will encounter the MTF and Chaos Insurgency numerous times and the puzzles will consist of bypassing or eliminating MTF forces that block your route. Gate B will be focused around defeating SCP 079 and preventing it from having any power over the facility as it attempts to use other SCPs to stop you. Your task will be to neutralize the SCPs that are being used against you and to strike the deal with 079 that leads to your escape at Gate B.
I feel like there's a restriction on how big we can make the facility since it is basically compacted into a large box, eventually the facility will be too big and we might need to do something about that. I propose the the different zones in the foundation and the pocket dimension are organised into their own levels just like Gate A and B. It would work like this:
-Behind the checkpoint doors should be a set of elevators with a map showing where the elevators lead to in the facility.
-The elevator that leads upwards to the office complex at light containment zone should be broken, forcing you to take a detour through heavy containment.
-The elevators at the end of heavy containment should consist of a working elevator to the offices and broken elevators to unknown parts sections of the facility.

The benefit of this system will make it possible to greatly expand each zone with the risk of them running into each other. It would be especially helpful for the pocket dimension when trying to make it much larger. Of course there's probably some issues that this could create, so I'd like to know what problems it would cause so I know why the system won't work.
Probable use for SCP-012's containment room - the radio is currently rather useful to the player in game for numerous reasons. The radio could play a more crucial part of the game if extremely vital information could only be extracted from it, e.g: the Electrical Room could be accessable by a code-lock, and that code would be discovered by listening to radio conversations.

Perhaps to affect the flow of gameplay, SCP-079 could broadcast the sound file of SCP-012 over the radio and block all signals so that useful information can't be extracted, and potentially the player's sanity could drop from listeneing to the awful sound for too long.

The only way to prevent this would be to enter SCP-012's containment room and delete the sound file of the composition from the SCP Foundation's database, so that 079 can no longer use the file to disrupt the radio. This task would be nearly impossible without a memetic blocker because SCP-012 would be pulling your attention away from the monitors. This might be a little far fetched, but it's something to try out.

In response to your question about the SCP-012 idea, I imagined the SCP database could be interacted with via the monitor in SCP-012's control room. You could find a way to delete the sound file from there. Consequently, SCP-079 won't be able to radio-jam with his disruptive broadcast. Or perhaps in a worse scenario, SCP-079 could broadcast SCP-012's sound over the intercom for short periods in an attempt to drive the player crazy from the awful cacophony, forcing you to delete that sound before you go mad.

Sanity Mechanic - the game is already fitted with a sanity meter, but it currently has only one purpose: counting down how long until staring at a SCP-895 corrupted monitor will kill you. This mechanic could used in many more places:
- Staring at SCP-513-1 for prolonged periods of time could drain the player's sanity, so you'd die from being stalked by the ghost for too long.
- Hearing the sound of SCP-012's music file would slowly drain the player's sanity if (as I suggested before) it was broadcasted via radio frequency in an attempt by SCP-079 to hinder your progress with the radio.
- Glaring at SCP-106 while he's chasing you would cause the player's sanity to very slowly drop, correspondant to the way Dr.L went crazy. This sort of makes sense because 106 is ugly and terrifying to look at. Why wouldn't you go insane by looking at something so horrifying that is following you? Plus it's scarier running from something you're not allowed to see for too long.

There needs to be visual and audio effects from low sanity, parts of the HUD and pause menu could begin to look corrupted and messed up until they don't follow the standard rules of the game. The ingame music could slowly become distorted by bending the pitch out of tune, even an overlaying but faint static effect could fade in at critically low sanity. Slight screen-blurring would also be a neat side-effect. There's no need to over-complicate the sanity mechanic like in Amnesia, where almost anything from darkness to viewing scripted events can make you crazy. It could be exclusive to certain SCPs to avoid being too much of an annoyance throughout the game. Finally, sanity can be regained by taking anxiety pills (partially increasing sanity) and SCP-500-1 (completely filling sanity meter).
ArchRaziel's ideas wrote: Hey, this isn't really a suggestion for a new SCP, but a suggestion nonetheless! I was wondering whether someone could create sort of a third person mode and a sort of character creator/chooser, rather than just the normal D-Class. I mean, it should still be a D-Class, but you could maybe take popular people from games/culture etc and put them in the game with their own sound effects and other stuff that just gives the player more control on how they play the game. This could also include the idea of texture packs, you could make it so that you can choose between packs in game and before the game begins via a menu in game. This could also be the same for mods, such as half-life mods and such other things. Finally, you could create a sort of hand motion thing where the person actually presses the button, actually puts on the gas mask, actually lifts the paper etc. Just a few ideas for a few intrepid mod creators/ actual creators. I say actual creators because these things would actually be quite cool in the proper game! Right then well, enough banter, I will see you all later, you beautiful/ugly/disturbing people/scps/items/bugs you! :twisted:
SCP 513's ideas wrote: Since we can't have 076, 058 and any other SCP OPs, why not have scripted events or sounds hearing them and seeing them? There could be also an intercom saying these things:
Intercom: "[...]SCP-076 has breached containment. [...]"
SCP-X's ideas wrote: I feel like SCP-789-J needs some event like that guard that kills himself.Somenthing like:
-once player comes infront of the toilet room he will hear guard crying and saying "Oh god why is this happening?" "Oh god,oh god..."
-once player starts coming that guard will say "Oh shit,some one is coming!" and will run to the toilet.
-when player enters the toilet room he will see one toilet doors closed(guard will be hiding inthere),then guard might start walking backwards and accidenttaly fell in toilet and 789-J will eat his butt,while that guard will be saying "*fells in toilet*Ohhh shit!!!Ohhh,nooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *his butt gets eaten*"
-after that doors of that toilet will open and guard will fell on his belly(with his butt eaten),and audio of 789-j might play after that "I am buttghost,I will eat your butt"
Kenneth crookers ideas wrote: I got an idea. When you beat the game, there should be end credits. When the end credits start scrolling, there should be some music to ease the tension that the player has gained throughout the game. I mean, there has to be some way to relax a player who has went through a lot of horror. He'd might as well be sitting in a puddle of his own sweat and urine.
Brunou8's ideas wrote: I'm seeing very good suggestions here, now it's my turn... this: ... 430#p58430
It was suggested before (by me) but it never got a conclusion.
Omniary's ideas wrote: 895: Extend its containment chamber, to resemble its actual appearance in the article. This way, there could be multiple cameras to toggle to in the security room, each progressively having more violent images. Of course there should be a warning that the 50 m camera should be the safety threshold for viewing. Of course, it'll be deadly instead as 895s effects are implied to be spreading. Also, make actual hallucinations for the cameras, not random shock gore or spooky pictures. For example, the normal screen can be just overlayed with a picture of a body to make it appear there's a corpse on the floor on the screen. Also, 106's spawning is too predictable, change things up.

914: The mechanics, even after being balanced are too easy on the player. People seem to get the wrong idea about 914. They think "Course = Bad version, Very Fine = Good version", when Very Fine usually ends up with a more dangerous and unpredictable output. Very fine should result in a random key card, whether it be L1, L5, Omni, Playing, L0, etc. Also, everyone seems to just empty their inventory into 914, when the result of very fine on all their objects would probably result in a gas mask key card navigator monstrosity. Make more possible object outputs when it comes to combinations, so people have to get creative or do the inputs separately.

513: Make the apparition an actual threat. The article mentions that people falling asleep under the effect of 513 awake to visions of it beating them. The player should lose sanity based on how much they see 513-1, sort of like how much they see 895's screens. When they lose enough, they'll awake to getting pummeled by 513-1, who'll make a hasty retreat. You'll suffer from some bleeding and other light injuries but that's it. If it happens again, the death screen should say the identified cause of death was an anxiety induced panic attack. The player should also hear things, like whispering and reverberating rings.

096: Give this guy a little more screen time. He should have a little office complex that he can patrol, with signs of a dozen or so butchered scientists (aka blood everywhere). That should suffice, as he's had his time in the spotlight for the moment being. Also, have his room with the guard not always having the event, it gets way too predictable after a while.

049: Unlike 096, this guy severely needs more use. It seems kind of pointless of having him be in the game if he's just gonna be in his little chamber out of the way. As mentioned before, a high security medical block after the Heavy Containment Zone would be great for him, where he and 106 could run rampant. He'd make for a rather interesting wandering SCP as well (wandering as in, like 173 and 106, you'll run into him in a scripted event and he'll chase you around for a bit.

1025 and 714: These two really kind of suck to be truthfully honest, no one wants to equip 714 because how situational it is and no one wants to open 1025 cause they are just gonna get screwed. 714 shouldn't limit the players sprint, but maybe apply that dizzy effect you get under blood loss. It can be useful once 895's feeds are broadcasted. For 1025, add more diseases that effect gameplay, like ones that make you run or blink faster or slower. Also, add some diseases that don't completely screw you over, ones with some situational positive effects. Also, move their containment chamber to light containment, it works a lot better there.

372: This one isn't too much of a problem since he's fine in-game. I do think the scare factor could be ramped up without the model as well, like quickly moving screen overlays that fly out of the corner of your eyes, so that his appearances could be a bit more frequent and unnerving.

012: I don't really think there's much to save this one, I kind of feel that 012 is completely out of place in CB, the protagonist speaking, the pointlessness, it just doesn't fit together like the rest of the SCPs, don't know what to say for this one. Maybe make it equipable when wearing 714, making you a walking cognitohazard, so the MTF would retreat from you when spotted.

008: Zombies, lots of them dotted around heavy containment, which makes it necessary to go into the chamber and take the hazard suit. They could also be found in the aforementioned medical compound.

079: Sounds like the appropriate changes have been made. Maybe make his presence in the facility a bit more prominent, occasionally hearing glitches over the intercom and failing lights.

682: Have some ideas for some appearances that don't require a model, I'll post them a separate time.

106: Change him back to his old appearance, as in keep the model and texture, just get rid of the 'glossy' effect added in 0.7.2, which really just makes him look extremely undetailed and dull. Maybe add specular maps for him so in the light he looks greasy, but not blurred out like he does now.

173: Make its spawns less predictable, add more possible spawns for him, though take down the general probability of him spawning. Keep us on our toes.
On a different note, I like Prune's suggestions, namely 053, as all of the SCPs in-game don't have to be hostile entities that chase after you, they could be disorienting and uncommon additions that make the Site in-game more credible as a whole, one that feels like it actually houses hundreds of SCPs, rather than the ones found in-game. There's nothing more ominous and foreboding than an empty containment chamber, one that housed something only moments before. Having a couple of empty chambers for some well known but seldom seen SCPs could make the Site feel a little complete.

Changing up rooms to make them seem more feasible is a bit difficult with the whole random generation think and whatever limitations it may have (we already have had a handful of bugs where rooms too unorthodox clip with others). However, the individual room designs could be made more unique, like 3 way corridors that are separated by doors to appear like different rooms. Or office corner rooms with a little conference room built into it and similar uses of extra space. And please, for the love of god, add some variation to rooms. It's really breaks my suspension of disbelief when I see two 3-way rooms with a pipe system in a row, or a dozen of the same hallway. There's so many other possibities for rooms that could replace the complete room2 spam. That was one of the old merits of pre-0.7 CB, how random it really did feel, you were always wondering for what could come next, but in the current light containment zone there's like 10 possibilities you could get when opening a door (not really, but it feels almost certainly like it).
InnocentSam's ideas wrote: It doesn't quite work like that. Understandably, it seems like they're their own levels, but they're programmed the same way as rooms, they just require a load screen due to the number of resources exclusive to that part:

There is indeed a restriction on how big the facility could be, however it is quite unlikely to be reached.
On the other hand, a vertically-based facility would be good to see; rather akin to the Van Staten museum in Doctor Who, where the various levels of the facility co-ordinate to the value (or in this case, danger) of the SCP being stored.

So ground level = offices, low level SCPs, etc.
Below that = Euclid SCPs, the ones slightly more dangerous.
Below that = High level containment
Below that = Sewer system

In regards to the pocket dimension, it would be possible to unload the entire map, and replace it with the pocket dimension for the duration of your presence there, and load the map back in when you escape. Only drawbacks of that would be that any items dropped by the player will disappear and that there would be a few extra loading screens.
Mr. Shy-Guy's ideas wrote: I agree, you would just start looking for certain objects or doing certaing things to got all archievements, so you would concentrate more on that than on the experience itself or on the enemies (since this is an horror game, the immersion is important and even hard to have; so placing an achievement system would only ruin it...)
Plus, SCP:CB already have sort of mission to accomplish that you can see at the end of the game (containing 106, entering Dr. Maynard's office or collecting all documents are just some examples of the already-in-game "secondary missions"...)
TheRooster09's ideas wrote: Shaddow: In the current ending, you are trapped after 682 attacks the helicopter, and you just have to wait until you are shot to get the end. I think it would be a good idea to give the player some way to open the door at the end and actually escape the facility. maybe it could even be some sort of puzzle that you have to complete to open the door, but you have to do it fast, because 682 is running down the glass hallway to get to you.

Cridone: Maybe if you manage to get the door at the end open, after you open the door behind it there could be some type of room with an open gate. If you get to close to the gate 079 appears on some sort of TV monitor and closes the gate and the screen fades to black with some sort of sound playing.

What do you guys think out this?
It's a normal push button door/keycard door that leads to a parking lot there are some normal looking cars and a few suvs with the foundation logo on them and on one side of the lot can be luxury vehicles and a limo or two that the excecs and higher up use. A cutscene happens where one of the limos suddenly pulls out and starts to leave before it reaches the gate the vehicle stops and one of the back doors opens. By this time some MTF should be coming in from behind you and start shooting encouraging the player to get in the car quickly. Once inside you close the door and the car starts moving ( I'm pretty sure they would bullet proof their vehicles, so you could add the sounds of bullets pinging the car for an added touch :) ) Shortly after moving, the little privacy window in the front of the limo rolls down and the driver turns around and looks at you, then the screen goes black and creds roll. The driver?..........It's SCP-035 :gasp:

Irontaco: I like the idea TBH, more than the current other ending to Gate A. A lot.
Entities-inside-moving entities are completely possible seen from for example, 173's cage, and the whole scripted sequence ISN'T really what you would call impossible, it would require a few more new animations and a few new systems to be implemented, mostly related to getting inside a car.
I'd feel the limo would be better of changed to be a heavy-SUV-thing, it'd make a lot more sense.
And the ending idea is really nice in general, it could change depending on how you acted to 035, it could vary from 035 saving you to 035 literally running you over.
Approved Suggestions
Rejected Suggestions
Let me know what do you think of this new Suggestions Thread? One more organized where all suggestions are posted :)
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Re: [NEW] Improved Suggestions Thread

Continuing the main post (something I didn't think I'd need to do)

Suggested SCPs
SCP-2020 wrote: SCP Nickname: Cliche, Right?
Ingame mechanics: He should spawn in a certain office (Identical in appearance to the regular large office) in the entrance zone, and should occasionally talk to the player. The voice acting should be done by TheVolgun. SCP-2020 should probably say these lines:
-"Hey, man. You must be one of those class D personnel I've been hearing about. How you got this far, I don't know."
-"Blinking with one eye at a time would be helpful when in the presence of 173. But, I guess it would be too cliche, am I right?"
-"How did you get this far? You'd usually expect a class D to get killed on the spot by 173 or get abducted by 106. Are you magic? Nope. Too cliche."
-"I find It extremely hard to choose a concept. I mean, I really want to be as widely known as George Lucas. *sigh* But that's gonna be hard to do."
-"I'm famished. I think I need to head to the paper bin to get a bite to eat. Do you happen to have a sheet of paper? "
-"Oh, here's an Idea! A statue that moves when you bli...Aww, crap. 173 already beat me to it."
-"Am I a space alien? To me, YOU are the alien."
-"I'm well aware that I'm in scientific custody. But do I care? No, I've been too busy writing science fiction to care. It's the Mobile Task Force I'm worried about."

If the player walks to the top of the office's stairs, a scripted event should occur and three MTF's should walk in through the entrance of the room. The event should occur as followed.
The door is then opened and three MTF's walk in and look at SCP-2020. The soldier in the middle of the trio walks towards SCP-2020
MTF - Hands up, Bobby.
SCP-2020 - What's going on?
MTF - It's time to go back into your chamber. Now get to it!
SCP-2020 - I didn't do anything bad, man! I was just trying to get an idea!
MTF - Obey my orders or be terminated. My squadron uses 50 caliber shells that can easily tear through your skin.
SCP-2020 - Leave me alone! Can I at least stay here?
MTF - Stop resisting. You are ordered to go back into containment.
SCP-2020 - But I haven't even done anything!
MTF - Fire, you two!
The two other MTF's start shooting at SCP-2020. SCP-2020 then begins to bleed neon-blue bioluminescent fluid. The gunfire continues for 10 seconds. The MTF's then cease fire, and SCP-2020 slumps down onto the floor, bleeding slightly.
SCP-2020 - What kind of man are you!? I didn't even attack you! MTF's aren't allowed to use deadly force on innocent subjects.
MTF - I don't play by the rules. (silence for 3 seconds) Come on, lets get the hell out of here before anyone finds out.
The three MTFs exit the room and close the door. SCP-2020 kneels on the floor, breathing heavily for 10 seconds. Then the lights go out for 8 seconds, and go back on again. When the lights go back on, SCP-2020 is gone, with only a trail of his blood leading towards the exit of the office.
SCP-1162 wrote: SCP Nickname: A Hole in the Wall
Ingame mechanics: It could give you a level 1 or level 2 key card so theres two ways to get one. I think it is always the same: Get the level 1 key card (most lets players miss the card and there isn't another way to get one, so they cant continue) Then go into the glass room to get a level 2 and then to 914 to get at least a level 3 card.
"SCP-1162 is open for testing by any person with Level 1 or greater clearance level."
If the door is not opened (maybe you dont found the card) for some time the hole could be randomly in the facility. Then the hole in the containment cell would be just a hole. "The previous hole remains, but shows no abnormal properties."
Before you put your hand in the hole there could be a screen asking if you want to put your hand in the hole, just to get a nice effect.

Then you lose a item in your inventory and get another.
It could give you some other items before a key card.
Like the electronic components that you can get if you put the s-nav on course.
It must not be something the subject searched in his life so this is ok. "Notes: This is the first test that has produced something the subject hasn't lost."

Or other more useless stuff like this:
"Item Retrieved: One (1) pair of generic sunglasses, black"
Use: Vision gets darker, black overlay like the gas mask.
SCP-914 use:
Rough: Broken sunglasses
Course: Glass and Plastic
1:1: Green or Black sunglasses
Fine: Darker sunglasses
Very Fine: Vision just turns black.
"Item Retrieved: One (1) Wallet, soaking wet, but not contents."
Use: Probably useless but you could put the key cards in it (or the mastercard ;P)
SCP-914 use:
Rough: Broken wallet. Maybe the content in it will be destroyed too
Course: Leather
1:1: Brown or Black wallet
Fine: Very wet wallet. You could her the water that drops from it if you carry this wallet. The blood drop sound effect just without the blood would be good
Very Fine: To heavy to pick up?
"Item Retrieved: One (1) pen"
Use: You could use this on documents to write something. In Dementium: The Ward (FPS-Horror for the Nintendo DS) you could wrote something down too. Like a code or your feels or something. But in SCP:CB it could stop working if you wrote for some time.
Rough: Of course a broken pen :P
Course: Contents of a pen.. plastic and stuff.
1:1: Blue, Green, whatever
Fine: A pen that that never gets empty..
Very Fine: A pen that never gets empty... and even if the paper is broken the lines could be there (Should be an option to pick up shred papers... another SCP maybe? xD

To prevent overuse it could just give you a pen for a pen. "Sr. Researcher Grant proceeded to test an additional 30 times, each time losing and gaining one standard ballpoint pen." And if you dont have anything it could took of your clothes. Maybe you must get some new ones.
But if you dont you can die by the hole. "Note: Subject was naked and holding no items at the time." "Item Lost: Subject complained of intense abdominal pain upon removing his hand from SCP-1162, then collapsed. It was discovered that his left kidney was missing, and all vessels leading to the kidney cleanly severed."

Death message in the chamber: "Subject D-9341 was found naked and dead in the containment chamber of SCP-1162. It was discovered that his left kidney was missing, and all vessels leading to the kidney cleanly severed."
Death message: Subject D-9341 was found at [Data Expunged] near a hole that was later found to be a hole produced by SCP-1162. It was discovered that his left kidney was missing, and all vessels leading to the kidney cleanly severed."
SCP-582 wrote: SCP Nickname: A Bundle of Stories
Ingame mechanics: In game, he could appear when the player reads an SCP-582 document. Once the player stops reading that document, SCP-582 can start chasing the player in a manner similar to the Slenderman. However, we can't make SCP-582 look TOO much like Slenderman. Perhaps he could be a a tall, completely white creature with gangly limbs, a skull-like face, and four arms. Maybe, SCP-582's head can frantically twitch around. :laugh:
SCP-055 wrote: SCP Nickname: [unknown]
Ingame mechanics: A regular containment chamber labeled SCP-055. when you open it and enter, you find yourself walking out of it a second later, with the message "You're not sure what you're doing here." on the screen. during this second, all speeds of hostile SCPs are increased dramatically, almost as if a long time had passed when you were in that chamber.
SCP-1539 wrote: SCP Nickname: Semantic Disassociater
Ingame mechanics: A blown up portion of a wall that leads to a laundry room partially filled with concrete. when you enter it, all the item names of the items in your inventory get switched around. when you try to use an item, you will do so as if the item was actually the object it's mistakenly renamed as. (example: if you tried to use SCP-714 with it renamed as SCP-500, you'd end up eating the ring.) and in the rare event that you lead SCP-173 into the room, its identity will be switched with yours, and Nine Tailed Fox will try to aimlessly shoot at SCP-173 while they will attempt you contain you inside the cage where SCP-173 is supposed to go.
SCP-439 wrote: SCP Nickname: Bone Hive
Ingame mechanics: Just like in the document. I do however have a scripted event I think would be great for this SCP.
You enter SCP-439's containment cell, and through the windows you can see a Class-D personal sleeping on the floor. Suddenly, the Class-D personal wakes up and he starts to make groaning sounds. You watch as he holds tightly on to his chest, and huddles into a foetal position. Bones then start to protrude from his skin, and you watch as more and more bones cover the man. He screams in pain as he rapidly grows bones all over him. Soon enough the man is now a living "bone hive" and you watch as multiple offsprings from SCP-439 crawl around the "bone hive" making creepy insect movement sounds.
Artwork/Models: ... earwig.jpg
SCP-153 wrote: SCP Nickname: Drain worms
Ingame mechanics: Could be found in a shower room, after a scripted event where a guard is heard being killed by them, if the player enters and steps on it, it will kill them, if the player avoids them, maybe they could find a useful item dropped by the guard.
Artwork/Models: ... cp-153.jpg
SCP-229 wrote: SCP Nickname: Wire weed
Ingame mechanics: Could possibly be found infesting a generator room, you'd have to navigate it to accomplish something, possibly restore power to something like a door or a machine, if it attacks you, you will die.
Artwork/Models: ... res203.jpg
SCP-247 wrote: SCP Nickname: Harmless kitten
Ingame mechanics: After awhile of exploring the facility, maybe 079 could release it from containment, it would stalk you while you explore and if you view it you're drawn into it like SCP-012, (Not as strong though) it will injure or kill you if you touch it, if you find its containment chamber before 079 opens it, it will still be in it's chamber and you can release it yourself if you want.
Artwork/Models: ... Toyger.jpg
SCP-990 wrote: SCP Nickname: Dream Man
Ingame mechanics: While you're walking down a hallway, you suddenly feel really tired and just faint. This will happen: You have a dream...

You're in a black void, with "him" sitting at a 1 seat couch with it's back turned to you with a small table and lamp next to it. You also can't move. SCP-990 asks if you know why you're at the SCP Foundation. He says that yes, you killed those people(the backstory), but it wasn't your fault. You made a fateful mistake, and sadly had to pay the price. You didn't know any of this would happen. No one would in "your" situation which caused you to get sent here. You aren't a bad man. You had a life that you should still be living now. And since you deserve to get out, he gives you advice:

a) (This is only if you've turned off the alpha warheads) You're at Gate B, and see "him." He says SCP-682 has escaped and MTF attempt to turn on alpha warheads, but you turned them off. You see SCP-682 destroying everything, wrecking havoc. If SCP-682 was just a tiny bit hurt, they could've possibly gotten him, but since the alpha warheads didn't detonate, he got to escape. Now, this was only a vision, and you can still change it, by turning back ON the alpha warheads and escaping Gate A and living(or being stupid and attempting to escape Gate B anyways). He also tells you that if SCP-106 is not in his cell, he would distract the MTF Units at Gate A, allowing you to escape.

b) (This is only if you've just talked to SCP-079 about him opening Gate B if you turn the remote door control system back on) You're inside SCP-079's chamber with "him." He says that SCP-079 is lying to you, and that there IS another way to escape. If SCP-079 remains in control, nothing can go back to normal. He will let everything escape and let everything go horrible everywhere around the country. You need to keep the remote door control system off, so that SCP-079 can't control the place. The other way to escape is through Gate A, which is a farther walk, but has to be done. He also tells you that if SCP-106 is not in his cell, he would distract the MTF Units at Gate A, allowing you to escape.

c) (If none of the above have happened) You're at the Gate A Entrance. He tells you that Gate A is your only salvation. Gate B will only lead to your doom if you manage to unlock it. You need to escape out of Gate A and ONLY Gate A. He also tells you that if SCP-106 is not in his cell, he would distract the MTF Units at Gate A, allowing you to escape.
SCP-1032 wrote: SCP Nickname: The Prediction Clock
Ingame mechanics: You find it inside of it's containment cell with the description found inside the article itself except it's container is open and the unarmed guard is found dead. If you pick up the clock you will observe a few of the 22 arms of the clock. One of the arms states when you (D-9341) will die but will not state how. No matter where you are due to the nature of the clock being ether vague but accurate. The clock could also be useful if you are quick enough to escape before the timer reaches a "midnight event" by predicting SCP-173 killing you by spawning SCP-173 nearby but killing the lights (blinding you) allowing you to get killed by it. Maybe other ways to die but always being spot on end times of everything such as your organs rupturing suddenly or one of the warheads suddenly being activated/malfunctioning. You can investigate the winding arms by pulling it out and viewing the entire clock. When you click a highlighted arm it will allow you to read it arm. The article on the SCP itself says which arms are not of interest. Clicking an arm not highlighted (not of interest) would state "Too difficult to read" or something similar to the entire message. Clicking a highlighted arm would state the event name and about how long until it reaches 12. After you pick up the clock and investigate it then it will count down to 12 and take about a while to use before you die. First arm of interest you always investigate always is about you. Other ones state useful info like "MTF preparation" as in when it ends they will be ready to enter.
Artwork/Models: ... P-1032.jpg
SCP-173-J wrote: SCP Nickname: The Original "The Sculpture"
Ingame mechanics: It can impersonate SCP-173 but follows the article itself. It could ether be something that you can release for fun. Not a real threat like SCP-173 where it can kill you. Instead it just gets close to you and makes noises. It has a painted on cat face so it appears different than SCP-173 That or it can be an April 1st (April fools) Easter egg where instead of SCP-173 chasing you its just SCP-173-J/ SCP-173's face made to look like the joke version (Like Halloween).
SCP-963 wrote: SCP Nickname: Immortality
Ingame mechanics: You find it randomly somewhere in the facility, near a dead body (belonging to a random instance of Jack Bright) and you are able to carry it. Putting it on will allow MTF to not kill you due to the fact that the SCP you currently have equipped shows them you aren't a class D, you are someone who works at the Foundation. Equipping it at first shows not much but slowly over time your actions become harder to control and how soon before you are 100% unable to control anything is shown by D-9341's thoughts/speech as he becomes an instance of Jack Bright. When you are unable to control D-9341 (now Dr. Jack Bright) he will think and walk around automatically while trying to find a way to the end. Dr. Bright will not kill himself with anything nearby, when hurt he will administer medical aide with whatever he picks up, he will not carry any items not needed to exit (Hazmat suit, batteries, radio, etc.). He will automatically wank around and try to get into gate A. Jack Bright will randomly narrate whats happening around him and about what is currently being carried. If you (or Dr.Bright) encounter MTF then they will just stop you and say something like "You Stop, wait- thats one of the Doctors around here, they said to keep a look out for someone with that on". They would help protect you from any SCP you encounter on the way out but would question you if you tried to leave their protection. They will guide you to Gate A and provide an alternate ending to the Gate A ending where you cross the bridge alive but depending if SCP-106 is captured or not it will affect how the ending happens. You can die if SCP-106 is uncaptured because he goes straight to the bridge like he usually does but it becomes destroyed and you have to take an alternate route where upon entering the tunnel with the MTF protection you are gunned down by the Chaos Insurgency during an ambush where there is a cut scene where before they shoot you they take off SCP-963 before killing you or if there is 4/9 of the MTF that entered the facility (9 because the MTF group is called Nine-tailed fox) with you at the time you live successfully except for the deaths of the all but 1 MTF.
Artwork/Models: ... 63/963.jpg
Other Suggestions
SCP-343's ideas wrote: Since 106's pathfinding has been scrapped, I was thinking that, when chasing the player, he take at least a few seconds when travelling through a door or wall, because he would have to enter and exit the pocket dimension each time. This has been stated in his document too. I don't know what level of scripting/coding this would take but I thought it would add an element of suspense for those who don't know where he goes... :106:
Kenneth crooker's ideas wrote: Maybe there could also be an event involving SCP-096 showing up in another area in the map if you don't close the door to his server room on your way out. And it could interact with MTF's by trying to kill them. And, while in pursuit of the MTF, it can push the player aside or trample him/her if the player is in its way.
seaal's ideas wrote: I've got a suggestion for the map creator. Hehe... make sure a box shows up saying "Are you sure?" when you click delete map. I clicked that instead of save on accident, and the entire thing was deleted. There was no trace of my map. :|
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Re: [NEW] Improved Suggestions Thread

I found some SCPs that were suggested in the main topic, in every before suggested SCP I'm going to infer how could it be in the game:

Suggested by DTH_MTL:
- SCP-662: It could tell you how to get out of the facility or provide you a easier way to get out, also it can surprise the player, however
it does not convince me, to be in a horror game i mean.
- SCP-231: It could have a cameo like a document or even an event during the game, I think this could be a good SCP in the game.

Suggested by TastyRhombus:
- SCP-303: This SCP should be in the game, maybe the entrance zone of the game could have windowed doors.
- SCP-058: (Suggested as Joke SCP) This SCP should be hard to see, and suddenly kill the player, I don't know if this SCP should be in the game.
- SCP-027: (Suggested as Joke SCP) I don't know... maybe a document?

Suggested by Glitch:
- SCP-903: I don't know if this SCP is in the game's facility but this would be a good addition, giving random items maybe.

Suggested by DonCP:
- SCP-529: It could be a good addition as a Joke SCP.

Suggested by GMplum666:
- SCP-060 & SCP-060 Alpha: Unfortunately SCP-060 isn't in any facility of the SCP foundation, so it never will be added to the game, but that doesn't mean that SCP-060 and SCP-060 Alpha are bad SCPs.

Suggested by Grey: (Textually cited, modified from it's original version: One of the suggested SCPs is already in the game)
- SCP-426: Not much effort required, a simple toaster sitting on a desk somewhere would do as an easter egg.
- SCP-050: Same as SCP-426.
- SCP-993: Can be seen on a monitor insulting and threatening the player, as well as offering deliberately bad advice.
- SCP-1867: Everyone's favourite Gentleman Slug sitting in his tank. Can offer advice and encouragement to the player.
- SCP-058 (Second suggestion): Perhaps seen through a window in an inaccessible room mauling a researcher complete with creepy monologue, much like early scenes with the Headcrabs from Half-Life.
- SCP-963: Can be found on a dead researcher, picking it up could result in a game over or perhaps even a new ending where you manage to escape, but with Dr. Bright controlling your body.

That's all for now... the funny fact is that this suggestions are in just in the first two pages of the topic :S.
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