Re: Various models for consideration

This game is gonna be more terrifying than ever!

EDIT - Just a couple of things - the replacement models will be needing the same animations (but perhaps improved) as the existing ones.
Also, careful with your choices of new SCPs to model; you will end up wasting your time if they cant be done with the limitations of Blitz3D or are just very hard
to add into a game, as is the case with most SCPs. Plus Reg has to approve of them.

Re: Various models for consideration

Two things:

1. The old "model" (2D) was made using an uncopyrighted image, so it wasn't specifically designed for this SCP. You can use your imagination as long as it fits it's description in the article.

2. Your model is great so far, but don't forget that he is supposed to be really slim and weak-ish, he looks too muscular there.
Don't put the gas away yet...