[PoC D/L] SCP:CB on Steamworks

Hello all!

After finding out that Steamworks is actually freely available now (after signing an NDA), I decided to attempt to integrate it into Blitz3D (and therefore SCP:CB) at a basic level. I've got achievement retrieving/setting, but currently can't do anything with statistics (not that that is entirely necessary).

As a proof of concept, here's a download of a Steam version of SCP:CB. However, since I don't have an AppID, it runs off of Spacewar. Running the exe will allow you to bring up the Steam overlay. Typing "asdf" into the console will give you a Steam achievement.

To install, drag and drop into a folder containing the latest version of SCPCB.

Only bugs so far are:
  • HUD/pause menu overlap the Steam overlay
  • Steam Overlay cannot be opened until in-game
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