Re: Various Inaccuracies

KirbyMario12345 wrote:Thinking about it, I did try and "contain" 008 and when I couldn't do it (because closing the canister failed to work and SCP-173 smashed my face as well as the glass) I wondered "Why bother? This room is entirely optional." Also, I do feel the SCP-049-2 instances need to closer resemble heavily-opped-on humans rather than straight up zombies, And I remember playing V1.1 and seeing 049 emerge on the upper floor from an elevator. That needs to happen again.

Having said that, I do like D-9999's interpretation of the 049-2s, but maybe they could be nerfed a little afterwards, since as far as I've seen, there's no jumping or indeed, parkour in SCP: Containment Breach.
My idea was using doors to block their path and use that to buy time until they figure out how to jump through windows in hallways, or how to open doors.
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