Improved map descriptions

After 1.3.9 was released, a new map creator was released with it, making map creation easier and more pratical.
But, i've always had a trouble when using it, and it is not knowing what certain rooms were. So, i've edited some of the room descriptions making it slightly easier to know what each room is.

Example: room2cafeteria
Before the description was simply "Cafeteria."
I changed it to "[EZ] Large room with an cafeteria and SCP-294."

[LCZ] Light Containment Zone -|- [HCZ] Heavy Containment Zone -|- [EZ] Entrance Zone

Link to the new descriptions:

I hope you like it :)
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Re: Improved map descriptions

Thank you it was difficult to define what was the correct room to put :D , I think you should put a quarter meter with a location on the map to know how many rooms have been repeated or the number of events alluding to the room :? . But version 2.0 of the map maker changed this tool in a great way (positive), good work team version 1.3.9 :D
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