[Suggestion] Weapons

:087_2: Ello!

I've got a little suggestion here. I would really love to see that feature in-game.

Guns of any type could be found in a few rare rooms on the map. The guns should have limited ammo, so you have to find another gun and go throught more rooms again.
There could be at least 3 or 2 types of guns in game; P90 (guard guns), Pistol (something like a Taurus PT 100) and/or a knife. Also, not every SCP would be affected by the bullets, like SCP-173, 096 (in rage) and 106. The guards could be affected by it, but with a low damage, just making them slower.

Other SCPs like 049 can kinda be affected, and his zombies can be affected by it. 049 can heal himself (duh), and 035's host could be affected by it (not sure yet).
(going to add more SCPs specifications later)

the P90 itself won't work in PD, so does the Pistol.

The fact that the player has a gun can affect the ending. He can be pointed as a fugitive.

Hope you like it ;) :duck:

Re: [Suggestion] Weapons

Alef Castro wrote: But I mean, really implemented in the game and you still play as D-9341

The idea sounds farfetched because the game is a survival-horror should not have much action but should be paranoid and have much suspense, it would make a shooting game would become. This is SCP:CB, no a Resident Evil game.
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Re: [Suggestion] Weapons

Alef Castro wrote:But what about they being PART of the story? just appear in some moments to specific reasons,and then you lose them.
No means no. Regalis and others have stated their disdain for it, and it shall stay that way as he's now moved to Barotrauma.

Your best bet is the NTF mod.