[1.3.11] minor issues with menu and AI for NPCs

1) First of all in the main menu, in "Custom" game section when "Permadeath" is selected, the button "Save everywhere" cannot be selected straight away and you need to disable "Permadeath" to select the other button.

2) I find it strange that MTF units only contain SCP-173, but not SCP-049, SCP-966 or SCP-096. They are supposed to be "cleaning up" the fascility after all.

3) When SCP-173 is captured and is floating in a cage with MTF units to the starting area with Statue's chamber, the cage literally gets stuck everywhere. Stairs, doors, turns, you name it. It is especially enoying, when the cage gets stuck in the office while MTF are going up on the bridge.
https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/scp ... -prefix=ru
This drastically delays the "successful containment" of this SCP. Although the problem sorts itself out when the cage MAGICALLY teleports to the MTF member, after he was wondering around pointlessly for some time, I suspect that creators didn't purpously do that as a solution.

4) In some situations MTF move much faster than they should or physically could. I, for example, witnessed a situation where 1 MTF member managed to cover an entire corridor with tesla gate in one second after freaking out at the sight of SCP-049 (which I personally think they must try and contain).