irreversible death

Description of issue
So there is a problem I ran into when after I literally run into SCP 914 with the switch at the highest; qucikly afterwards i saved the game. I want to get to the older save but theres no way I've found, from the very limited research i made, to go back to the old save. Not only did I have a never ending loop of death but SCP 106 comes from the floor a few seconds after the save is loaded a plans to change the character to godmode had no change from this endless loop of dying when enabled. then I turned the switch to 1:1 and run into it to SCP 914 to reverse this curse of never ending dying but instead the mouse inverts for some unknown reason in the settings without being messed wit .

Additional information
glitch occurs when SCP 914 is switched to any setting, going back to older saves will not change where switch is placed
all I'm asking to get an older save in order to reverse never ending death as I've made much progress in game (I'm new to the game so that statement may likely be false)

V1.3.11. (Windows 10).