[FIXED FOR NOW] Crashing When Saving

It's me FOR THE 3RD TIME. My old topic on this was moved to the old section once again even though the problem was never resolved.
It's as the name implies, I crash whenever I SAVE, which is horrible for me, since I'm used to saving at EVERY door(just to be safe). I cannot find any solution. I disabled the launcher, disabled bump maps, reduced the resolution, nothing.
I NEED to get back to the game soon! I'm losing it. Too many things are coming up that I don't know about that get me to quit because of nervous-ness when I just do a tiny speed run!

I really need to get back to the game now.

Note: Whenever I crash, I get the "Memory Violation" error.
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Re: [0.9.1] Crashing When Saving (STILL)

Well, the only things I can think of is the usual "Run as Admin" and "Where did you extract it to?"
Sometimes Windows can be picky and just deny the game access from ITSELF depending on where you put it.

So I usually put it in a separate folder and make sure the read/write permissions are all set.
Also, depending on what OS you are using, the game may get some issues if the path is too long.

As in C:\moo\moo2\moo3\moo4\OMGMOO\AAAAAAAAH
At some point some versions of windows will simply go "Wha??? I can't find this crap!" and the game dies.
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Re: [0.9.1] Crashing When Saving (STILL)

I put the game files in: C:\Users\"MY PC USERNAME*\Desktop\Tools\SCP - Containment Breach\Normal

Why it's in a folder called Normal is because I currently have 3 types of SCP:CB(YES, I'M USING THE NORMAL VERSION).

2 things;

-Should I turn the Normal folder's name into it's original name, which was SCP - Containment Breach?
-Should I put the game files in Program Files?
Well, putting it in Program Files HELPED! But I'm not going for a party yet. Since my last topic, the bug seemed to "evolve." First, this bug was fixed by killing a process in Windows Task Manager, but then it returned. Second, it was fixed by turning on Run As Admin, but then the bug dodged that. Hopefully, this will STAY. Thanks Serimah!

I've become a gorilla.