Re: Dealing with Memory Access Violations

So I started a new thread and was informed I should have been here from the start, so my apologies. My original post was this:

I have seen a couple of threads about MAVs that occur upon startup. I did what was recommended (run as admin, put folder on desktop, change compatibility, etc).
However my MAV occurs at a specific group of rooms. I do have the most updated version of SCP. I have reinstalled the game and started a new save with the same seed. Since none of these fixes work I assume it is a bug.
I tried noclip to fly over the room and into the next one, but it seems every room after the initial MAV will also cause the game to shut down. The initial room is connected to the cafeteria and seems to be a server room, followed by a hallway and the conference room. I have experienced MAVs in previous games, but a new save/same seed usually fixes it. This one just won't go away.
Seed e9x29v5

I've started a new seed, and have already encountered the same issue in a different location. Any advice?