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Re: Dealing with Memory Access Violations

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:39 pm
by BoomiCat
Vane Brain wrote:
BoomiCat wrote:Hi everyone. I hope that somebody can see this because it looks like this thread is quite old now...

Anyway, when I open SCP in Wine on my Mac I can use the launcher and launch the game, but when a try to load a new game it loads to 45% and then gives me a Memory Access Violation error message.

If anybody can see this, can you please help me!
SCPCB works perfectly on WINE if DLL "allcodecs" is installed from the winetricks wineprefix DLL installation menu.
I opened Winetricks from the Wine drop-down menu in the menu bar but it only comes up with an Adobe Air installation. How do I get to Wineprefixes as there is nothing that says "DLL" or "allcodecs" Do you use Wine or WineBottler to get to "winetricks"?

Edit: I looked around on the web and some people were saying to get to the proper winetricks menu with all of the dlls, you have to install winetricks in terminal... It didn't work. Please help!

Re: Dealing with Memory Access Violations

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 5:25 am
I have the same problem, i first had the problem where fmod.dll was missing but i managed to fix it but now i have the Memory acces violation problem
info: I run it on winrar and i dont know if the problem is winrar and im in windows 8.1
please help