Re: V 1.0 Bugs General thread.

Figure I may as well say, I saw a door get stuck in another door, which is kinda normal for SCPCB.
Very low framerate in most cases, mostly in the forest. However I can get it up to 50 FPS if I have nothing else going on, so that's fine.
The Eye SCP rolls at the walls continuously, is this intended? I mean I know he does that weird thing, but I think he clips a little too.
939's pathing makes him walk into boxes to get you, rather than around them, so he gets stuck.
I've fallen through the floor four times, and saw lets players fall through the floor.
I've seen all the items in the world disappear.
And the endless hallway SCP looks choppy.

Btw, since you can't upgrade your level 2 card to a level 3 anymore, how do you get one exactly?
I've never known how to get one in light containment.
Though the way 1.0 is set up is actually highly confusing for me, it's much harder than 0.9.

Re: V 1.0 Bugs General thread.

Akatos wrote:Mkay, during my first halfway finished playthrough of the new version I seemingly encountered some "issues":

1) the game permanently runs with about 30 - 40 fps although it was much faster to me before.
2) after going through SCP-860-1 the framerate dropped to about 10 fps until going up again several seconds later.
3) I was able to "noclip" through the wooden door in 860's chamber so I didn't had to go through it in order to progress (also, where's 860? it's seemingly not in it's chamber)
4) I didn't find the starting items. I searched everywhere around the intro rooms but there's nothing.

Edit: Okay, so the room with the gasmask and keycard from earlier versions still exist, but is it intentional that it's not right after the intro?
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Re: V 1.0 Bugs General thread.

I have some images regarding some bugs/annoyances (will update this further soon; I'll try to replicate 895 and 106's chamber being in the LCZ; can't do that in this computer):

OK so we know about 079 being in the LCZ instead of the Entrance Zone (where previously it's always in the HCZ):
There's also this minor problem/annoyance with the decals in 173's chamber. They turn to black occasionally:
But in certain distances it's OK:
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